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Multiple Elevation Plan-Sets

A great floorplan and multiple elevations. Create a cohesive, yet varied look for your neighborhood! Builder Plan Sets contain one full construction print and one single-build construction license for each elevation. Available for Pre-Selected floor plans with 2, 3, or 4 elevations.


Receive up to 20% off regular single plan pricing when purchasing Multiple-Elevation Plan-Sets.


Example Multiple-Elevation Plan-Set 7839 - Example purposes only.  Three elevations - 1 Traditional, 1 French Country, and Craftsman.
Elevation 1 - Common floor plan Elevation 2 - Common floor plan Elevation 3 - Common floor plan  
Elevation 1 - Traditional Elevation 2 - French Country Elevation 3 - Craftsman  

Common floor plan, multiple elvations Common floor plan, multiple elvations

NOTE: Actual floor plans vary slightly per elevation.


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Discounts on Multiple Plan Purchases

Available for any single elevation floor plan.  When you purchase multiple plans on a single order, you will receive at least 5% off your plans and plan related purchases (materials lists, additional sets, promo artwork, optional foundations, etc.).  Shipping fees, state sales taxes, plan alterations and custom orders are not included in the discount.



Purchase 2 plans.


Purchase 3 plans.


Purchase 4 or more plans.


Home plan purchase discounts Home plan purchase discounts Home plan purchase discounts Home plan purchase discounts

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