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Woman-Centric Matters! Set Yourself Apart - Become a Remarkable Woman-Centric Matters! Home Builder


Taking a woman-centric approach means designing everything from her perspective:

• The actual product or service;
• Sales and marketing;
• Training;
• Her overall experience;
• The physical environment.


At its core is understanding your female customers so innately that you can actually anticipate what they want even before they ask for it.


In addition, woman-centric approaches are rooted in a keen appreciation for how women differ from men in their purchase decision process, as well as insights on why they buy.


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(March 31 ,2012)


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Builder-CentricPreferred Builder Program


With every 7th plan purchase FREE, you will want to make sure you purchase each of your home plans directly from DesignBasics.com or by calling us directly at 1.800.947.7526.


New home plans are featured only at DesignBasics.com or our affiliated network of web sites for a period of 12 months.


Take advantage of our design expertise and knowledge to help you offer a selection of proven plans for your market.


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