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 Design and Marketing Services for Home Builders

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Home Builder Programs

Woman-Centric Matters!®

Woman-Centric Matters!®

Taking a Woman-Centric approach means designing everything from her perspective:


• The actual product or service;
• Sales and marketing;
• Training;
• Her overall experience;
• The physical environment.


At its core is understanding your female customers so innately that you can actually anticipate what they want even before they ask for it.

In addition, Woman-Centric approaches are rooted in a keen appreciation for how women differ from men in their purchase decision process as well as insights on why they buy.


More about our Woman-Centric Matters!® and how we can help you sell more homes.



Builder-Centric Gold

Our Builder-Centric preferred builder programs offer builders a variety of options for saving on home plans, promotional materials, and much more!


When you join the GOLD program, you receive additional benefits such as reduced pricing for study sets – a great way to price out a home before committing to purchasing the plan. And, a FREE upgrade (as available) per plan purchased. If you’re looking to build your home plan portfolio, the Builder-Centric Gold program is an excellent place to start!
Learn more about our Builder-Centric programs.


Learn more about our Builder-Centric programs.

Multiple Plan Purchase Discounts


5%    10%    15% or MORE


Available for any single elevation floor plan.  When you purchase multiple plans on a single order, you will receive at least 5% off your plan and plan related purchases (materials lists, additional sets, promo artwork, optional foundations, etc.).


Larger savings apply to Plan Pack/Set or Super Plan Pack/Set purchases! One flooplan with 2, 3 and 4 elevations. Save up to 75% individual plan pricing.


   Multiple Elevation Home Plan Set   Multiple Elevation Home Plan Set


Get your Multiple Plan Purchase Discounts


Branding, Web Site Design & Marketing Services


Marketing and Sales services


You have only one chance to make a first impression - and, as with every other industry, that first impression is most often your corporate identity. You know your customer is looking for “style” in their new home - do your logo and marketing materials portray that “style”? Does your web site reflect the attention to detail that a customer expects in a builder?


Whether it is your logo on a business card or an ad, the look and function of your web site, or a message on a billboard - it is important that the first impression you make is professional, memorable, and reflects the work you do. And it can be time-consuming to coordinate every image you have in front of the public - your potential customer.


More on Marketing and Sales services


Website servicesWeb Site services


Web site links to your company's web site on our 'Find A Builder' page.


Add a digital plan book to your Web site Feature/showcase our designs or yours with a 'Digital Flip Book'


Web Site services


Builder's Toolbox Newsletter
Builder's Toolbox Monthly Email Newsletter

Builder's Toolbox is a monthly email newsletter designed to help home builders become remarkable through design, marketing, and more!


Visit our blog for current communcations.



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Concept PlansConcept Plans by HBN and Design Basics


When you want great home design but don’t need full construction prints, concept home plans are for you. Priced at just $349, your purchase includes exclusivity, the rendered elevation and floor plans, the right to modify the design and the right to build the home as many times as you want with no re-use fee.


Search and View Concept Plans . . .


New Trend Makeover

New Trend Makeovers

At Design Basics, we've been designing homes for over 30 years. Our emphasis has always focused on listening to our customers and collecting feedback relating to our home plans.


During this time, building practices, design trends, and customer preferences have changed. Homeowners want a great look and floor plan incorporating the newest trends and practices.


From these needs, we've created our "New Trend Makeover" program. With the primary goal of keeping the existing foundation foot print, we’ve taken some of our traditionally best selling plans and incorporated the best of today’s design philosophies, practices, and trends.


Have a New Trend Makeover completed for one or more of your plans!



Neighborhood in a Box™Neighborhood in a Box®


Not Just a Collection of Plans - A Total Product Solution. Not only do you get great plans that appeal to today's buyers, but each of the plans include alternate elevations, options, and details. In one easy step you have a complete portfolio of plans, designed by building industry professionals, for market appeal and ease of construction.


Everything you need to turn your neighborhood into a profit making machine is here, including marketing materials to help you price and manage your project.


Start your Neighborhood in a Box®


Custom Projects



Nothing Say More About You than the Home You Build.


Design = Marketing - To be successful, you need home designs that are seen as different…and better. Designs that intuitively “connect” with today’s buyers.


Design = Sales - Some builders compete on the basis of lowest cost per square foot. While “price” and “cost to build” are always important design considerations, the majority of home buyers in every market are NOT choosing the lowest cost per square foot builder.


Design = Profitability - Design has a great impact on the profitability of the homes you build.




Custom Home Design Projects



Digital Home Plan Books


Showcase pre-selected floor plans in a dynamic and digital format within your web site.


Get your customized Digital Home Plan Book!


Alternative Construction Technologies and Adapted Home Designs


Insulated Concrete Forms
Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs)
Structural Insulated Panels
Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)
Panel Construction
Panel Construction

And Panel Construction; Connectors and Shear Load Components and Roof Trusses.


Learn about these products and alternatives to traditional dimensional framing. We've adapted over 200 home designs to help you take advantage of these building systems.


More about Alternative Construction Technologies



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"Design Basics values its intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We therefore will protect our 1800+ plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers' investments, while also protecting its assets, employees and shareholders." 
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