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Explore our plan library of over 2,700 designs. Make it your own with our plan customization services - our plan specialists work collaboratively with you to ensure your home meets your needs. We invite you to browse some of the thoughtful design concepts we've recently developed for homeowners to enhance their home's livability and style! (Plan shown: Dandridge - #42365FB)

Thanks once again for committing our family's vision to paper and blueprints; thus, we were able to realize our dream. Family, friends, and neighbors have commented positively on the layout of the rooms and the effective use of space. I built it as a place all the family could come to be together. As that vision, it is a smashing success.

K. Johnson

FREE Specifications & Finishing Checklist*

Every great home design and construction project should begin with a checklist of all the details involved. At Design Basics, we call this our Specifications & Finishing Checklist. It begins with the Construction specs, from excavation to the foundation, to roofing and utilities; then, the Finishing details, such as flooring and paint/wall covering for each room. Not only does it assist the builder with specific information, but also helps you with a record of the construction specs and materials used. You never know when you need to replace a fixture or re-stain some woodwork! Offer Code: 33SOD

*Get a FREE Specifications & Finishing Checklist with any plan licensed directly from Design Basics (construction prints only - PDF, sets, or CAD files - does not include study sets, dimensional plans, or Construction License only orders). Mention offer code: 33SOD when placing your order. Contact us if you have any questions: 402.331.9223 

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