Multi-Family Home Plans

Multi-family home designs are available in duplex, triplex, and quadplex (aka twin, threeplex and fourplex), configurations and come in a variety of styles! Design Basics can also modify many of our single-family homes to be transformed into a multi-family design. All of our floor plans can be customized to your specific needs.

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  • main
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Design Layout
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  • Multi-Family
  • Garage
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Rear Entry Foyer
Outdoor Living Areas
Other Amenities and Features
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What Are Multi-Family Homes?

With at least one shared wall between dwellings, our multi-family home designs provide separate accommodations for each household. They include duplexes comprised of two dwellings sharing one common wall, triplexes for three households, and quadplexes for four families.

At Design Basics, our multi-family house plans are available in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your needs. Whether you plan on renting out one or more of the residences, want to be close to an aging family member, or are just looking for a space-efficient housing option, we're here to help you build the ideal home!

56955 FC Modern Quadplex Multi-Family Home Plan
Cedar Pointe Springs - #42436 - Multi-Family Twin Home Plan

Why Are People Choosing Multi-Family House Plans?

Multi-family homes are great solutions when land is limited or in areas with steep housing costs. This is because you're able to have multiple dwellings in one building that requires less land than detached homes.

Homeowners who want to earn some extra income and investors often choose multi-family homes because you're able to live in one of the residences while renting out the others.

Finally, those who may need to be close to an aging parent or other relatives, but still want plenty of privacy, space, and independence can also benefit from choosing one of our multi-family floor plans.

Design Basics is committed to helping you build a multi-family home tailored to your exact needs!

Types of Multi-Family Homes

Multi-family home plans are available in many different architectural styles and square footage sizes. Design Basics offers three configurations of multi-family floor plans.

29398 Flacco Twin / New for 2023 Duplex Home Plan


A duplex is a twin-residence house plan, joined together along one wall. Many of these designs feature a layout where both sides of the duplex are identical except they’re reversed (“flipped.”) Other duplex styles may appear as one, large family home with separate entrances.

Multi-Family Home Plan #29377


Triplexes or 'threeplexes' are comprised of three connected dwellings, typically laid out side-by-side. While not as common as duplexes or quadplexes, a triplex can be a great choice depending on the size of the lot and your housing needs.

29381 McAdoo Springs Quadplex Multi-Family Home Plan


If you opt for a quadplex or fourplex floor plan, the building will consist of four independent, but connected, residences.

Our in-line Quadplex home plans are built side-by-side.

Multi-Family Homes FAQs

Still have some questions about our multi-family home plans? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions!

What Is Considered a Multi-Family Home?

A multi-family home is a single building that separately accommodates up to four families.

What Other Duplex Options Are Available?

At Design Basics, we offer numerous design options for our duplexes! Customers will find options such as:

  • Duplexes with maximum privacy
  • Cost-efficient duplex homes
  • 2-bedroom duplex homes
  • 3-bedroom duplex homes
  • Duplex homes with two owner’s suites
  • 1-story duplex homes
  • 2-story duplex homes
  • Duplex homes for narrow lots
  • Duplex homes with no garage
How Much Does It Cost to Build A Multi-Family House?

The cost of building a multi-family home will depend on the size and style of the floor plan. Design Basics works closely with customers to help them choose the right home plan to fit their needs and budget. For more on the costs of building a home from these plans, we invite you to read Design Affects Cost – What Buyers Need To Know!

What Are My Options for Building a Multi-Family Home?

Design Basics offers a variety of multi-family floor plans for you to choose from. We have house plans available in duplex, triplex, and quadplex styles, and all of our floor plans can be customized to fit your specific needs!

Two Bedroom Duplex House Plans

Three Bedroom Duplex House Plans

One Story Duplex House Plans

Triplex House Plans

Fourplex House Plans

Duplex Homes with Two Master Bedrooms

The Design Basics Difference

Experience the Design Basics difference!
Our staff has over 35 years of experience helping homeowners build their dream homes. We offer a variety of floor plans and prices to fit your budget. No matter what your housing needs are, our friendly team is here to help you choose the perfect floor plan!

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