#29084 Lassiter

Unit A: 1209 Sq Ft - 38'-0" | Unit B: 1220 Sq Ft - 38'-0" |  2 Bed | 2 Bath | 1 Story | Garage Spaces 2 | Width: 76'-0" Depth: 54'-4"
Square footage Plan Specifications Main features Architectural Styles
First Floor 1209 Width 76' 0" Main Level 9' 0" Stories 1 Traditional
Second Floor 0 Depth 54' 4" Second Level 0' 0" Bedrooms 2
Total Heated 1209 Height 21 '-8" Foundation Unf. Bsmt. Bathrooms 2
Garage 496 Exterior Walls 2 x 4 Garage Spaces 2
Unfinished Space 0
Square footage
First Floor 1209
Second Floor 0
Total Heated 1209
Garage 496
Unfinished Space 0
Width 76' 0"
Depth 54' 4"
Height 21 /8"
Ceiling heights
Main Level 9' 0"
Second Level 0' 0"
Main features
Stories 1
Bedrooms 2
Bathrooms 2
Garage Spaces 2
Architectural Styles

Main Level

Main Level Options

Rear Elevation

Plan Description

Unit A: 1209 Sq Ft @ 38\'-0\" | Unit B: 1220 Sq Ft @ 38\'-0\". With the primary bedroom suites at opposite corners, the Lassiter duplex home provides great noise buffering. Windows on two sides of that bedroom are great for fresh air and daylight, while in the bathroom, a 90-inch wide vanity provides plenty of counter space and storage. Plus, the 5-foot shower and toilet area are behind a door, so two people can use this bathroom at the same time. Or opt for the alternate bathroom layout with corner tub plus separate shower! A cathedral ceiling provides drama in the family room, and your kitchen island provides the perfect prep space and storage.
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Cover Page. Each home plan features the front elevation and informative reference sections including, general notes and design criteria*, abbreviations, and symbols for your plan.

Elevations. Scaled elevations for the front, rear, and sides are provided. All elevations are detailed and an aerial view of the roof is provided.

Foundations. Foundations are fully engineered for each design, whether slab or basement.

Main Level Floor Plan. The detailed drawings are fully dimensioned for ease of framing. Exterior wall thicknesses vary by plan. If necessary, contact Design Basics to clarify the standard exterior wall thickness for the plan(s) you are interested in.

Second Level Floor Plan. Dimensioned and drafted to the same degree of detail as the main level floor plan*.

Electrical and Sections. Illustrated on a separate page for clarity, the electrical plan shows suggested electrical layout for the main and second level floor plans. Typical wall and stair sections are provided to further explain construction of these areas.

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  • Roof Construction Package $195

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  • Custom Promotional Handout $85
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Special Features

Split BedroomsFirst Floor Owner's Suite

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