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Her Home Magazine


Education & Ideas For Remodeling Or Building A New Home



Spring 2014 - Digital Issue



The "NO REGRETS" Issue


“if I could do it all over again...”


“I wish I had known about...”


This is different.

Janie Murnane

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This issue of Her Home has been years in the making.


With our mission of helping women make wise, informed decisions regarding their home – its design and products used in building their home – we’ve learned so much from you! You’ve told us you wish you had considered certain choices more carefully…you wish your builder had told you about certain opportunities…and if you could go back, a few things you would do differently.

That’s why we titled this the “No Regrets” issue. Filled with your tips, the entire publication relates your suggestions for building a better home. Readers sharing their thoughts, their experiences, with other readers. Like knowing which side of the sink to put the dishwasher on (p.4); in-floor electrical outlets in open floor plan layouts (p.7); rear foyer design (p. 8); fog-free bathroom mirrors (p. 12); how large secondary bedrooms need to be (p. 17); inspiration rooms (p. 18); holiday exterior electrical outlets (p. 21); and garage storage and organization (p. 23).


In a departure from our traditional format, there are no full-length articles in this issue of Her Home. Instead, we’ve taken your feedback and organized your comments into multiple quick reads by areas in and out of the home. As we started sharing the idea for this issue with you, we kept hearing “what a great idea,” and “I wish I had had that issue before we built!”


So, we’re excited about providing you this unique resource. We would love to hear your feedback! What did you like? What other issues would you like to see addressed? And importantly, what advice, what story do you have to share with other people considering building new or remodeling their home? You’ll probably never know how “paying it forward” makes someone else’s home more livable and more enjoyable, so on their behalf we say “thank-you” in advance. Plus, your suggestion just might appear in an upcoming edition of Her Home!




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