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Education & Ideas For Remodeling Or Building A New Home


Fall 2013 - Digital Issue


3  Boomer’s QUEST to Find the   Perfect Home


6  Matching Their Dreams


14  Cooking, Cleaning & Rejuvenating... 10 Years Later


21  Home Plan Makeover 
22  Meet the Family of Lifestage Inspired Plans!
24  New Home Designs


25   Flush Wall Plates


10   Decade of Change
18   From Eyesore to Curb Appeal


“Things do not change; we change.”

- Henry David Thoreau


Whether building your first home, taking the step for the move-up phase or simply designing a home to meet your current lifestyle needs there is one main constant you can count on—change. The way our family lived in a home when our kids were growing up is very different than how we choose to live now. Priorities change. Lifestyle needs and wants change. Personal finances change. Design evolves. And yes, those wee ones grow up, survive the teenage years and move on by moving out and starting a life of their own!


In fact, it is change that often prompts the question “Is it time to sell and build that perfect home that works for us today?”


Over the past 10 years, Her Home has been a conduit for ideas, advice and home plan designs that meet the changing needs of the times. Over this decade we have talked with thousands of home buyers and builders on design priorities that meet current needs. Elements such as livability, functionality, style and quality drive design, but we’ve come to embrace a much greater appreciation for her vision. This led to a new way of thinking, ultimately giving birth to Woman-Centric Matters!®, our program to help home builders better understand and adopt women’s preferences in the home: its design; products used; and taking customer experiences from stressful to delightful!


A woman-centric approach to design just makes sense. As well, involving each homeowner’s unique personality—addressing their lifestyle, livability desires and functionality needs—allows us to design according to a unique set of guidelines. Yours. What made Beth Jensen’s remodeling project (page 6) a success? Her designer and builder embraced her “Margo” (contemporary) personality preferences.


Your answers to the question, “What would you change in the home you currently live in?” have inspired us to develop innovative solutions which years later have come to be recognized as “emerging design trends” you’ll see in Decade of Change (pg. 10) and Cooking, Cleaning and Rejuvenating (pg. 14). Your feedback is essential in our quest to design classic yet fresh.


We say your new home should be a product of your vision, aspirations and lifestyle at this point in time. You see, timeless really isn’t an option. Because, as circumstances for how you live in the home change, design changes. Constantly!


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Carl Cuozzo, Senior Project Manager and Designer


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