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The Multi-Family Collection


Duplex, Triplex, and Quadplex Home Designs

With all the emphasis we place on having our “own space,” there’s still something to be said for the benefits of togetherness, especially when it comes to choosing a multi-family home design.

Multi-family homes have become one of the fastest growing segments in new residential construction over the last decade. Two, three and four-plex units are springing up in record numbers across the country. There are several reasons behind this surge.

With the amount of land available for new construction shrinking, lot prices are continually rising. Eliminating one or more side yards is a great way to reduce overall costs. Plexing units also reduces the number of exterior walls (with accompanying siding and window costs). Sharing expensive foundation walls provides additional cost savings. Less yard and fewer exterior walls also mean less maintenance, something particularly appealing with today’s hectic lifestyles.

Multi-family homes provide income options for homeowners who use part of the unit as rental property. They can also offer an attractive solution for families who need to care for older parents.

Like our single-family homes, these designs feature attractive elevations, today’s most popular amenities, open floor plans, thought-thru traffic patterns and an abundance of light.



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