Narrow Lot Home Plans

Narrow lot floor plans utilize available space in innovative ways for maximum livability and style. Design Basics offers hundreds of plans for houses that are 40 feet wide or narrower with a variety of sizes, styles, and garage options to choose from. And all of our floor plans can be customized to fit your needs!

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What Is a Narrow Lot House Plan?

Narrow lot house plans are home designs perfect for narrower home sites. Many neighborhoods today are platted for 50-foot-wide lots which require 5-foot side yard setbacks, resulting in a maximum home width of 40-foot. Additionally, many older homes in need of replacement were built on narrower lots. Or, perhaps you simply prefer a narrower home in order to enjoy a more spacious yard.

At Design Basics, we offer narrow lot floor plans in a variety of sizes, levels, and design styles. All of our plans come with customization options so you're able to include all of your necessities!

#29382 Platinum Woods - Narrow Lot Home Plan
Rivera Farm #29391 Narrow Lot Home Plan

Why Are People Choosing Narrow Lot Plans?

Narrow lot plans often provide a more affordable housing option for those that live in highly populated cities and sub-divisions where narrower property lots are common. Whether you want to build a home that's close to your employer or want to live in your city's trendiest neighborhood, a narrow lot home can be a great solution.

Design Basics is dedicated to helping you build the narrow lot home of your dreams in the exact style and size that you want!

Characteristics of a Narrow Lot House Plan

Our selection of narrow lot houses is available in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can choose one that fits your needs best. Here are a few features you can expect from a narrow lot floor plan!

42473 Wendling Park Narrow Lot Home Plan at just 27' Wide


Many narrow homes maximize space by building up or down, not out. You'll often find that these homes have two stories above grade or a basement, so there's still plenty of room for living and entertaining. Consider also whether the included optional layouts for kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas shown with some of these designs work well for you.

29079 Wistrom Narrow Lot Home Plan

Front-Loading Garages

Since these homes have a smaller width, if there is an attached garage, it most often is designed to enter from the front, making it easy to park your vehicle without having to make any tight turns.

42333 Jolene Falls 40' wide Narrow Lot Home Design

Private Outdoor Spaces

Narrow lot homes are typically close to the other buildings surrounding them. However, this doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your privacy. These homes are often designed to provide front porch and/or rear deck privacy for your outdoor living enjoyment!

Narrow Lot Home Plan FAQs

Want to learn more about narrow lot home plans? Take a look at our list of frequently asked questions for this home type!

What Is a Narrow Lot?

We’ve defined narrow lot house designs as homes 40-feet wide or narrower. You'll often find narrow lots in urban areas, infill opportunities, and many brand-new neighborhoods.

What's the Average Size of a Home Built on a Narrow Lot?

Our narrow lot one-story homes range from under 1,000 square feet to 2,500 square feet in size. The narrow lot two-story homes vary in size from about 1,200 to over 4,000 square feet. At Design Basics, we offer several customization options, so you can build a home that's the exact size you want!

How Much Does It Cost to Build on a Narrow Lot?

The cost of building on a narrow lot depends on where you live and the size and style of floor plan that you choose. Design Basics is committed to working alongside you to build a home within your budget. For more on the costs of building a home from these plans, we invite you to read Design Affects Cost – What Buyers Need To Know!

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