When Danae starts telling her friends she is building a new home with you, what does it say about her?

First of all, she didn’t settle for “used.” That might be because all of the resales in her price range were unremarkable; she wanted to avoid the risks, maintenance, hassles, and expense of a used home; older houses were saddled with dated amenities and obsolescence; or perhaps she simply wanted a new home that was uniquely “her.” The common thread in all these scenarios is that new home buyers are seeking control over their purchase.

What are your brand and your company’s homes known for? Before her friends can see the home, does your brand image telegraph an advance notice, perhaps timeless elegance or your reputation for innovation, design savvy, or superb value?

No other purchase communicates more about an individual than the person’s home. It is the ultimate in self-expression. From the home’s design to products and materials used to the landscaping and furnishings, her home reveals much about Danae…and Danae’s builder. Throughout construction, what is the general appearance of the jobsite? Was attention paid to exterior finishes that complement the overall design and neighborhood?

Danae chose you as her builder. Outwardly, your brand image tells part of her story. As important, inwardly, she identified with your brand along those same aspects of quality, leadership, prestige, and performance!  Buying a new home from you made her feel good about her choice, which made her feel good about herself.

Think this “brand stuff” is overblown? Think about what it would say about me if I told you I just purchased a new Toyota versus a Ferrari! Now, take a look at our “It’s Your Turn!” blog post and see what you think.

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