We all try to avoid being superficial and making snap decisions...but the impact of a home's first impression - its style and curb appeal - will simply make or break the deal. Our head will tell us to look beyond the surface, but our heart inevitably rules... If the initial reaction was negative, it's simply too difficult to look inside objectively. Maybe it's a fond childhood memory we're chasing, a photograph that captured our heart or simply a dream, but style triggers a reaction that's an innate part of our being, a piece of who we are and how we want to be perceived.Today style has no limits, choices are endless, and final decisions more challenging than ever.Face the fact - curb appeal and the style of our home is important...very important! But we need to understand that we must learn to look inside. The livability of the floor plan is truly most important, it's where and how we live.Let's try a simple, unscientific "Visual Therapy Exercise" designed to modify our style expectations. We have compiled several examples of style and curb appeal options available for the same floor plan in an effort to show that your personal style can always be achieved and that it's okay to focus on creating the perfect plan for your family's new home... Enjoy!

Example 1: OTB 101L ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OTB 101L Elev A
OTB 101L Elevation A
OTB 101L Elev B
OTB 101L Elevation B
OTB 101L Elev C
OTB 101L Elevation C

Example 2: OTB 110Y ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OTB 110Y Elev A
OTB 110Y Elevation A
OTB 110Y Elev B
OTB 110Y Elevation
OTB 110Y Elev C
OTB 110Y Elevation C
OTB 110Y Elev D
OTB 110Y Elevation D
OTB 110Y Elev E
OTB 110Y Elevation E

Example 3: OTB 2007062 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

OTB 20070 Elev A

OTB-2007062 Elevation A

OTB 20070 Elev B
OTB-2007062 Elevation B
OTB 20070 Elev C
OTB-2007062 Elevation C
OTB 20070 Elev D
OTB-2007062 Elevation D
OTB 2007062 Elev E
OTB-2007062 Elevation E

Hopefully this visual exercise has confirmed that achieving your personal style and dream exterior is possible with just about any floor plan. Now let's focus on floor plans, how your family lives, expectations for your future and how thoughtful planning today can provide hidden assets in your new home that may help manage life's challenges and simply add value for everyday living and perhaps even future equity.

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