“After a long day, I arrive home, open the door from the garage only to be greeted by piles of laundry. It’s like I’m starting my second job when I get home and find dirty clothes taking over the laundry/mudroom!”

Studies report for homes with an attached garage, the door from the garage into the home has become our primary entrance. In fact, we rarely use the front door. Designers have typically concentrated on front door entry foyer design, but the entryway from the garage was kind of an afterthought and often defaulted to a little space where the clothes washer and dryer could be placed.

“If you don’t get the sweaty workout clothes or kids’ sports uniforms washed right away, the stench is awful!”

Rear foyer layout
A Woman-Centric™ approach to home design elevates rear foyer design for both practical and aesthetic considerations. And it doesn’t double as the laundry room–keeping your blood pressure in check. “Getting the family out the door on time in the morning with everything they need,” was the inspiration for cubbies and lockers for the kids…and adults. “Having a place to take off muddy shoes,” pointed out the need for a seat.

Maybe your family pet needs his own cubby with toys, treats, and a leash to head out for a walk. Or, your teenager’s friends are over often to practice for their garage band or to shoot hoops–rather than have them coming in and out of the kitchen for beverages and snacks, set up a mini fridge and snack basket for their convenience (and your own sanity!).

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