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Neighborhood in a Box®

Sample Neighborhood

Style: Craftsman │ Max. Width: 55-feet │ Target: Retirees & Multi-Gen Households

Jensen Falls - #29385

Jensen Falls - #29385
Plan Price: $945

Willow Run B 3-Car - #56464

Willow Run B - #56464
Plan Price: $995

Bassett - #42240

Bassett - #42440
Plan Price: $965

Arienne - #56550

Arienne - #56550
Plan Price: $995

Cedar Hill - #42435

Cedar Hill - #42435
Plan Price: $975

See the Savings!

Total Regular Plan Price = $4,875
+ Options/Upgrades & Marketing* = $5,550
Total Regular Package Price = $10,425
Total NIAB Package Price = $5475

Savings = $4,950

Contact us to order this NIAB Plan Set: 800.947.7526
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*Options/Upgrades & Marketing includes: Unlimited-Build Construction Licenses; Alternate Framing (2×4″ or 2×6″); Alternate Foundation (basement, crawl, or slab); Forward + Right-Reading Reverse Floor Plans; and Color Elevation Renderings and Floor Plans for Marketing; not all options available for all plans. Excludes multi-elevation plan sets. Eligible plans from these designers: Design Basics, LLC, Design Basics, LLC/HBN, Scholz Design, Carmichael & Dame Designs, and Plan Pros, Inc., home plans. No other promotions, offers, or discounts apply.

Search our plan library to create your own Neighborhood in a Box; then, contact us to place your order. 

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