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New Designs for 2021!

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How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected buyer interest in home office design? We invite you to answer our short poll about home office design.

Pocket Office Concept

Home Office Planner

Working from home has become more commonplace as employers, and employees, realize the benefits that range from cutting expenses to increased productivity. Today's home buyer is looking for that perfect space to work from home, whether it is a home office, flex room, or Pocket Office design. A little time planning on the front-end can help your buyer in the long-run. We developed a handy Home Office Planner and Worksheet to aid home builders and their customers to think through the design of their home office space. Download your copy today!

Customized Home Plans

Plan Specialist​Talk directly with a designer. Looking to modify the original design? Our designers may suggest solutions you haven't considered, helping you achieve the "perfect" plan. Beyond mere custom changes...our process is a collaborative approach in which our designers listen to what you want, discuss possible solutions, and even suggest opportunities to further enhance the home's livability and style.

NEW - Evolving Home Design II

Pocket Plan Book Collage

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