Design Basics collaborated with Bautex Systems, LLC, a Texas-based manufacturer of the Bautex Wall System to develop a collection of home plans that have been optimized for building with Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF). The Bautex collection takes advantage of the efficient and thoughtful architecture of the Design Basics plans and marries them with the Ultimate Living Experience provided by the Bautex Wall System.

What is The Bautex Wall System?

The Bautex Wall System blends the speed and performance of insulated concrete forms (ICF) with the familiarity of traditional building systems. The Bautex Wall System provides all of the structure and the complete building envelope for your home – insulation, air tightness, and moisture protection all in one system.

  1. Structure - Strong and resilient concrete “columns” and “beams” every 16 inches horizontally and vertically that uses half the materials of a conventional concrete wall.
  2. Enclosure + Insulation - Bautex Block replaces all the layers of wood framing – studs, sheathing, cavity insulation, house wrap, and exterior insulation with no additional steps.
  3. Air & Moisture Protection - The Bautex air and moisture barrier is fast and easy to install on the outside of the Bautex wall, providing superior air and moisture protection.
What are the Benefits of Building with Bautex?

Building with Bautex gives builders a fast, efficient, and cost-effective way to build a high performing modern home for their clients using their existing construction trades. Of course, homeowners truly benefit from a superior living and home ownership experience:

  • Energy Efficiency – Significantly more energy efficient than any wood framed home.
  • Life Safety – The highest level of protection from fires, floods, and windstorms.
  • Health & Comfort – Clean indoor air, plus quiet and comfortable indoor spaces.
  • Low Maintenance – No rot, mold, mildew, or decay means little or no maintenance.
  • Resiliency – Performance in 100 years as good as the first day you move in.

Click here for more information about the benefits of building and living in a Bautex home.

Design Basics collaborated with Bautex to develop a collection of various home plans that have been optimized for building with Bautex's advanced construction technology. The current collection includes a variety of house styles from European, French Country, and Craftsman, along with country and modern farmhouse. The collection has house sizes from 1,619 to 2,639 square feet. We will continue to optimize plans with the Bautex Building System to add to this collection.

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