Creativity in Flex Spaces

Creativity in Flex Spaces

Change is all around us, having become the norm in American society. And as our lives change, we begin to appreciate homes that were designed to adapt to our changing situations. It’s called flexible design.

Flexibility in Design

With a flex space, you are in charge. No longer need that guest room? No problem. Designed to work for any function, Flex Spaces are easy to transition with your changing needs.

We live in the digital age and virtually anything can be done online, including many of our jobs. Did you recently transition to a work-from-home career but don’t have a home office? A Flex Space offers the perfect solution. Whether it be a full-sized room, such as a guest room, converted to a home office or a Pocket Office™, a smaller space that can be closed off when not in use, the choice is yours.

Take for instance the Sinclair (plan #1748) with two Flex Spaces that can easily work as a formal dining room, home office, den, or guest room. Or, the Woman-Centric Sinclair II (plan #42159) that presents the Flex Spaces in a different layout, incorporating the Pocket Office™ design concept rather than a full office. These spaces can change in functionality as your needs evolve.

With our Livability at a Glance™ colorized floor plans you can easily see flexible living areas of the home. Learn more by clicking here.

Texture Adds Interest

Texture Adds Interest

Creating textured walls that add interest without overwhelming your living space can be a challenge. One easy way to add interest and soft texture is by adding white shiplap to your space. The unique design is perfect for the popular modern farmhouse look, and your budget.

Photos Courtesy of Artistic Tile

Another option is to add textured monochromatic tile, like the Ambra Collection from Artistic Tile. Each piece is hand carved and honed to polish and shape the stone, giving it a wave-like appearance. You will instantly feel more serene as you look at the gentle flowing design of each tile. The Ambra Collection is available in six color options and because it is natural stone, it will accentuate any décor.

Bringing the outside elements in has never been more elegant.

Read more in our latest edition of Her Home™ Magazine.

Learn more about Artistic Tile.
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A New Twist on an Old Favorite

A New Twist on an Old Favorite

9166 Troon Manor Main LevelThe modern farm house design has reached an all-time high in popularity. Though, you may wonder how this modern  differs from a traditional farm house design? In this example, the Troon Manor (plan #9166) takes the Farm House Design and ups the ante.

With highly desirable features such as a luxurious owner’s retreat with coffered ceilings, a large kitchen designed for entertaining, and flex spaces throughout, the Troon Manor gives luxury to an otherwise more modest design.

By incorporating luxurious features, you can be surprised with something a little unexpected. The open floor plan and welcoming exterior are natural amenities found with most modern farm house plans; however, it’s the extra touches that will grab your attention!

View our growing collection of Modern Farm House designs to see what other “surprises” you may find.

Modern vs. Industrial – What’s the difference?

Modern vs. Industrial – What’s the difference?

Modern design is known for interesting architectural features, elevations with mixed materials, and very open floor plans. Industrial design takes those features and incorporates exposed interiors, metal or concrete finishes, and high beamed ceilings. So, are all modern designs also industrial? Not so fast…

Plans such as the Platinum Woods (plan #29382) has a very modern and industrial vibe. With the concrete-like stucco finish, metal framed windows, and an open floor plan, it’s easy to see this as a more industrial contemporary design.

Alternatively, the Beckley Springs (plan #42349) offers a more coastal modern aesthetic, without incorporating industrial elements. The open floor plan offers an airy feel, while the built-in organization nook keeps it warm and family friendly. Yet, the exterior design elements feature a slightly contemporary look.

Search our plan library for more selections – use the “House Plan Style” filter to search by style.

Letter from the President – 2019

Design Basics | Omaha, Nebraska | staff | Kathy DickAs we move into 2019 and celebrate more than 35 years in the industry, Design Basics, LLC, is optimistic about the future of residential construction and its growth potential. We saw many changes in 2018: from the popularity of the modern farmhouse to substantial growth in residential building in the south and west. This year is poised for growth around the nation and we are anticipating a slight shift from modern farmhouse to a more industrial design preference from consumers.

New Website. We are pleased to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website, Like our home designs, our website is contemporary, welcoming, and easy to navigate. Our new search function allows you to search by livability, collection, plan type, designer, and many other features. Additionally, you will find many useful resources at your fingertips by reviewing materials on our blog and bookstore. You will also see new photo realistic renderings on many of our plans as well as 3D interior floor plans, to be unveiled later this year. All of which make it easier to visualize the livability of the space as realistically as possible.

Great Design. We are also publishing a new plan book with over 75 floor plans. All of the plans included in this book are new and have not appeared in any of our previous publications; and, include many of our most requested amenities. As a thank you to existing customers, we will automatically send you a copy. If you are not an existing customer and would like a copy, please give us a call and we would be happy to send one your way! Many of our new floor plans have been designed with versatility in mind. For example, the McAdoo plan (#29380) was designed to easily transition to a multi-family plan, the McAdoo Springs plan (#29381). And, our Woman-Centric floor plans are not only designed with her in mind but also as value-engineered plans, mindful of the constant fluctuation of building material costs. A win for everyone!

Preferred Builder Programs. As the first national home designer to offer unlimited-build licenses, Design Basics has always been focused on builders’ success. We’ve re-vamped our preferred builder programs – Builder-Centric℠ and Woman-Centric Matters!® – to bring you more advantages and ways to separate yourself from the competition. Exclusive discounts, educational materials, Livability at a Glance™ colorized floor plans, personalized marketing materials, and name recognition on our website with a link back to your website are just a few of the many benefits offered with these programs.

From America’s Premier Woman-Centric Home Designer, we wish you much success in 2019 and look forward to working with you as your home design and marketing partner!

Design Basics…where great design matters.

Best Regards,
Kathryn Dick

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