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Design Basics Victorian Home Plan Design Basics Victorian Home Plan Design Basics Victorian Home Plan

Early in the 19th century Classical Revival styles dominated building styles.  Advances in building materials and technologies allowed architects to incorporate the newest materials, while borrowing elements from many styles and traditions.  While architects continued to look to the past, they also created diverse new Victorian styles borrowing from many other styles.


Late 1800's residences were asymmetrical, complex creations. Built of disparate elements, their wall surfaces were highly textured and included intricate surfaces extensively decorated. This conscious effort to achieve visual complexity was not usually achieved by the use of one style; instead, highly eclectic homes combined forms and elements from a number of stylistic sources.


Gothic Revival, Romanesque Revival, Renaissance Revival, Italianate, Carpenter Gothic, Stick Style, Queen Anne, Shingle Style collectively encompass Victorian Home styling.


Victorian Home Plans Victorian Home Plans Victorian Home Plans


The front elevations of our Victorian home plans reflect these time honored elements.  The floor plans incorporate modern design features and amenities for the way we live our lives in this century.


Each of our Victorian house plans including those featured here can be customized to your specific needs. Our Plan Alterations department can alter any of these plans to make it the perfect home for you.


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