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What You Can and Cannot Do . . .


These days it seems almost everybody has a question about what can or cannot be done with copyrighted home plans. At Design Basics, we know U.S. copyright law can sometimes get complex and confusing, but here are a few of the basic points of the law you'll want to remember.


Each plan offered for sale by Design Basics is copyrighted with the U.S. Federal Copyright Office. This means our the images and construction prints of our home plans are legally protected from unlawful use.


It's easy to understand. Buy the plan, build the home, keep it legal. If you build a home from a copyrighted house plan from any of our designers without 1st purchasing the plan, you are infringing on the federal copyright protections afforded each of our designs. Design Basics and our affiliated designers actively seek legal remedy to copyright infringement.


Plan Promotional License

So what does this mean for you?Sample Home Plan Promotional License


  • Keep it Legal.
  • It's easy.
  • It's Cost Effective.


Promotional Licenses for Home Plans - Protection for Advertising Purposes

Before purchasing a home plan, you may want to advertise that home plan on your web site, in your MLS or in any print media. This is perfectly understandable. However, you cannot legally use any image from any source of a home plan offered by Design Basics without a Promotional License.


As every plan offered by Design Basics is copyrighted, you must first purchase the Promotional License for that plan.


We will send you via email the promotional license and digital artwork for the front elevation and each level of the home plan. The front elevation will be color if available and the floor plan artwork is black and white.


The digital artwork is hi-resolution suitable for printing needs and can be down-sized for use on your web site by your web site designer.


Plan Promotional License HI-RES, Print quality artwork included Plan Promotional License HI-RES, Print quality artwork included Plan Promotional License HI-RES, Print quality artwork included


Multi-Build Construction License

Sample Design Basics Multi-Build Construction License Once you've purchased a home plan from Design Basics, you receive a Design Basics "No Re-Use", Multi-Build Construction License.


Unlike others in our industry, Design Basics does not charge home builders, developers, or home buyers a "re-use" fee for any home plan purchased directly from our company. This applies to every plan, multiple plan sets and custom home plans! It applies to every construction print type: actual prints, CAD files, and PDF files.


What You Can Do . . .

Construct the plan as originally designed, or change it to meet your specific needs.  The Construction License grants to you the right to build the design.


Make changes / modifications to the original plan;

Build it as many times as you wish without additional re-use fees;

Make duplicate construction prints / copies as required for construction purposes.


What You Cannot Do . . .

Build our home plans and designs without a Design Basics Construction License. Our designs are protected by U.S. Federal Copyright Laws. If you build a Design Basics home design without a Construction License, you are breaking the law. Homes built without a Construction License infringe our Federally registered design copyright and are punishable in Federal Court by fines of up to $100,000 per violation.

Copy any part of our original designs to create another design of your own.

Claim copyright on changes you make to our designs.

Give a plan to someone else for construction purposes.

Sell or provide the construction print.


Protect Your Rights

Protect your rights to reproduce , modify and build our home plans with a Design Basics Construction License. The above points are provided as general guidelines only. Additional information is provided with each home plan purchase, or is available upon request.


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"Design Basics values its intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We therefore will protect our 1,800 + plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers' investments, while also protecting its assets, employees and shareholders." 
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