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A perfect example of a 'pocket office'
Do you find yourself frequently bringing work home to finish because there's just not time enough at the office? Then do you wish that space could be shut off from other household activities? But does a dedicated, full-size home office just not make sense? You may be a perfect candidate for what we call a "pocket office."

Dubbed a "pocket office" because it is often accessed via a pocket door, these modest spaces are ideally set up with a built-in work surface and storage for your office essentials, your printer / fax / scanner and when possible, a window for natural light and fresh air.

Typically less than half the size of a traditional office or den, pocket offices often double as a household planning center-ideal for keeping up with social media sites, downloading recipes and managing the family activities calendar. The examples shown here represent a variety pocket office shapes, sizes and locations.


We offer over 65 pocket office home plans. Below are nine example floor plans. Click the plan number or plan image to view any of them in more detail. To view all of the pocket office home plans, click the 'View the Collection" button below.

Pocket Office Home Plan


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29052's Pocket Office is just off the great room.


29052's Pocket office is just off the
great room with hanging doors.

Pocket Office Home Plan Pocket Office Home Plan Pocket Office Home Plan
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Pocket Office Home Plan Pocket Office Home Plan Pocket Office House Plan
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Pocket Office House Plan Pocket Office House Plan



See all our pocket office home plans.

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