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 What - You - Get - Single-Build Construction License for Design 24387, the Hollyfern



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Plan Alterations


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As mentioned above, Design Basics or our affiliated home designers offer complete Plan Alteration services. Who knows this plan better the original designer? We and our designers provide no-cost price quotes for all plan alterations. Ask for your no-cost plan alteration price quote today. Call us at 800.947.7526 or click the link Plan Alteration Banner at the left.



 Your Choice of Construction Drawings / Prints


Electronic PDF File


PDF - $580.00*


Construction drawinings available in a PDF format.Each of our home plans is available to you in a PDF format sent to you via email.  Get your plan the same day if ordered by 2pm CT or on the next business day. PDF's are delivered to an email address of your choice.  Take it to your local copy center with your construction license to print as many copies as you require.


As with our printed construction prints, we place an overlay with your company name or name and your order number on each page.  Your PDF is delivered to your email address.  The PDF can be ordered online or by calling 800.947.7526.


*Due to the nature of this product, all PDF sales are final with no returns or exchanges possible.



Reproducible Construction Drawings / Prints


1 Reproducible Bond Set- $0.00

4 Reproducible Bond Sets- $0.00

8 Reproducible Bond Sets- $0.00


Construction Prints - Vellums or BondMost people are familiar with 'Blueprints'. Today 'Blueprint' is a general term referring to construction prints.


Blueprint paper is a type of light-sensitive photographic paper (called diazo paper) on which architectural plans traditionally were printed . Blueprints cannot be reproduced and fade over time.


Design Basics uses another type of paper called Bond. There are two main advantages of Bond prints over Blueprints. Bond prints can be reproduced and do not fade over time.


Some designers and plan web site still offer prints on Vellum. In the past, the main advantage of vellum was that is was erasable with an electric eraser. Today, that is not necessarily true. Other designers and web sites may still offer construction prints on vellum and charge you a premium, Design Basics has discontinued offering construction prints on vellum.


CAD File



Construction drawings available in a CAD format.This design is also available in AutoCAD DWG or MicroStation DGN formats. CAD Files are burned to CD-ROM and may requires a 2-3 business day lead time. CAD files may also be emailed.


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 What Comes With a Construction Set?


The example below represents a typical construction print. For details about what is included with a particular plan, please call 1.800.947.7526.



All construction prints include the following:


  • Detailed, scaled floor plan(s)
  • Detailed, scaled elevations
  • Detailed, scaled foundation plan


Construction prints may in the following:


  • Detail cross sections
  • Floor structural supports


Construction prints may also include roof plans and suggested electrical plans. Call 1.800.947.7526 for specific details for a particular plan.


 Technical Support


During construction of the home. our Technical Support Specialists are trained to answer questions regarding construction methods, framing techniques and more.


Full Technical Support is available FREE of charge for any plan purchased from Design Basics for most questions.


Call 800-947-7526.


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"Design Basics values our intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We, therefore, protect our 1,900+ plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers’ investments, while also protecting our assets, our team members’ employment position, and our shareholders." 
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