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 Builder Plan Sets and Super Plan Packs


Builder Plan Sets - Multiple elevations


Available for Pre-Selected floor plans with 2, 3, or 4 elevations. You receive one full construction print and construction license for each elevation. Receive between 25% up to 75% off regular single plan pricing when purchased as a Plan Pack.


Example Plan Set 21057 - Example purposes only.  Three elevations - Traditional, Craftsman, and Country French

Elevation 1 - Common floor plan Elevation 2 - Common floor plan Elevation 3 - Common floor plan
Elevation 1 Elevation 2 Elevation 3
100% Single plan price 25% Single plan price 50% Single plan price

Example Plan Set Price $2,126.25
(saving you $498.75 off the full three plan price)

Common floor plan, multiple elvations
Actual floor plans vary slightly per elevation.

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Multiple Elevation Super Plan Pack


Each Elevation in this super plan Set or 'Box' set has a variety of floor plan options that can be built on the same basic footprint. Bedrooms can be added and reconfigured. Dining rooms can be used as home offices or guest bedrooms. This satisfies a variety of customer desires and results in cost efficiencies for the builder.


Each elevation's construction drawings are designeded to be builder friendly. Every set includes:


  • Complete construction drawings for all elevations and floor plan options
  • Compliance new code requirements for 7/11 stairs and 2'-8" doors
  • 2x4 or 2x6 wall construction
  • Left and right reading plans
  • Slab, crawl and full basement configurations
  • Detailed sections and structural information
  • Roof framing diagrams
  • Lumber takeoffs on Excel™ spreadsheet
  • Suggested electrical layout
  • Concept drawings for finished basements and deck



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