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Sample Single-Build Construction License

Single-Build Construction License


With the single-build 'Your Right to Build Construction License' you or your local drafting service draft the plan to meet your specific needs in relation to the building codes in your area.


The single-build 'Your Right to Build Construction License' grants to you the Right to change this home plan to meet your specific needs and the 'Right' to construct and build the plan one time. Subsequent-build licensing is available.


This is a legal document. You will want to keep it in a safe place.You will need to reference the License Number when calling about your plan or ordering subsequent-build licenses.


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Plan Alterations


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Material and Estimator's Workbook


Construction drawinings available in a PDF format.PDF Material and Estimator's WorkbookPDF Material and Estimator's Workbook or (MEW)


Our MEW is designed to save valuable time in the budgeting process, ensure accurate and comparable bids and help eliminate errors. It also allows you to track projected costs vs. actual expenditures throughout the construction process.


The MEW is available and customized to the plan as originaly designed with 2x4 exterior walls. Changes to the plan as designed will effect the material actually needed to build the home.


PDF Material and Estimator's Workbook


Example Materials List - Typical for most designs




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