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 2 x 6 Exterior Walls


Sample Multi-Build Construction License

Multi-Build Construction License


With the multi-build 'Your Right to Build Construction License' you or your local drafting service draft the plan to meet your specific needs in relation to the building codes in your area.


The multi-build 'Your Right to Build Construction License' grants to you the Right to change this home plan to meet your specific needs, the 'Right' to construct the plan, and build it as many times as you wish without additional re-use fees.


This is a legal document. You will want to keep it in a safe place.You will need to reference the License Number when call about your plan.


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Optional 2 x 6 Extrior Walls



2 x 6 Exterior WallsStronger exterior walls and added insulating capabilities are in demand by today's homeowners. The added strength allows studs 24 inches on center rather that 16 inches with standard studs.


This saves energy in two ways. It reduces the amount of wood surface in the width of the wall (wood is not a good insulator) and it creates bigger insulating cavities.


2 x 6 Exterior Walls example
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