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New Tred Makeover

New Trend Makeover

At Design Basics, we've have been designing homes for over 30 years. Our emphasis has always focused on listening to our customers and collecting feedback relating to our home plans.


During this time, building practices, design trends, and customer preferences have changed. Homeowners want a great look and floor plan incorporating the newest trends and practices.


From these needs, we've created our "New Trend Makeover" program. With the primary goal of keeping the existing foundation foot print, we’ve taken some of our traditionally best selling plans and incorporated the best of today’s design philosophies, practices, and trends.


These "New Trend Makeover" plans are available to both those looking to build a new home as well as home builders at normal plan pricing. If you are a home builder who has purchased one of the original designs, a complete set of construction prints for the New Trend Makeover is only $500.00!


 Design 1748

In this size of home , families typically do not use a formal dining room. Another trend we took into account is occasional need to work from home. Additionally, who likes walking from the garage through the laundry into the kitchen?


The front elevation stayed the same. We created a transition space between the garage and kitchen in place of the laundry room. We added a seat for changing shoes or boots and a ‘drop zone’ for the mail, keys, purses, and other clutter that usually ends up on the kitchen island or table. In place of the formal dining room, we split the space into two distinct and different areas. We created a dedicated laundry room with plenty of space for sorting and folding laundry. We also created a Pocket Office. Not intended to work as a home office or formal den/library, the Pocket Pffice is the perfect space for those who occasionally work from home, but need privacy. In the kitchen, we’ve added a large, useable pantry and oversized triangular island with a room arrangement perfect for entertaining!


In the master bathroom, we removed the rarely used whirlpool tub in favor of a walk-in spa shower. In the hall bath, we compartmented the bath to ease the stress of multiple people needing to use the same space at the same time!

Design 1748 - Before
1911 Sq. Ft.
Design 42159 - After
1925 Sq. Ft.

Original 1748 Floor Plan

Makeover plan 42159
View #1748 View #42159

 Design 2733

Design 2733 has been a best selling plan for many years, because of its many great features. A few years ago we updated the design to account for current building code requirements as they relate to the stairs treads and risers. The new requirements made the stairs longer and thus required us to remove an important design element from the plan - the walk-in pantry. This design also had access to the home from the garage through the laundry room. Who likes that?


While reviewing other elements of design 2733, we wanted to make other updates to the kitchen and owner's suite bath.


Following our current design philosophy and our desire to keep this plan within the existing foot print of the original, here is what we've done:


  1. Moved the main laundry room to second floor, creating nice rear foyer; then we moved the powder bath to the new rear foyer
  2. Added back a larger pantry, changed from a peninsula layout to an island in the kitchen, adding better flow in the kitchen and creating stations, not a work triangle
  3. Added a large linen closet outside of owner's bedroom
  4. In the owners bedroom, teh added transoms allow for more natural light
  5. Changing the vanities to be back to back in owners bath allowed for a more interesting design and for more natural light
  6. Enlarging the toilet space allowed us to add a small linen or storage space for water closet necessities
  7. By removing the tub, we designed a larger walk-in spa shower (we also included an option layout including the tub and a smaller shower)
  8. For convenience, in the owner's suite walk-in closet we added a stackable washer/dryer
  9. For the upstaris secondary bedrooms, we added the previously mentioned laundry room and redesigned a compartmented bath off of hall

To see either plan in greater detail, click the 'View Plan' button below.

Design 2733 - Before
3904 Total Finished Sq. Ft.
Design 42160 - After
3926 Total Finished Sq. Ft.



Design 2733 Upper Level

View #2733 View #42162


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