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OTB home plans are designs from the Design Basics and Scholz Design teams in in various stages of design or in the final stages of design. OTBs are through the design process and copyrighted, but not yet completely drafted. Most OTBs only require a few days to complete. As such we offer them now for you to consider for your new home project! Look for more OTBs each month.


We are in the design process with this OTB from Scholz Design. OTB-106177 is 61'-6" wide with about 2,529 finished square feet.


What do you like? What would you change? Send us your comments! We appreciate your comments and suggestions! To view all current OTB house plans, click here or the 'See the Collection" link at the bottom of the page.





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What do you like?


What would you change?


Send us your comments!



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