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Livability At A Glance® colorized floor plan
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Type. Square footage. Width.


These are the ways most people search for home plans. It’s efficient because it narrows down the number of plans to look at. But that’s as far as it goes. Such search “filters” do little to help you find plans most suited to how you want to live in your new home.


What if you could search based on what’s most important to you, your lifestyle and your preferences? That would be helpful, perhaps provide a few new insights and save lots of time!


Livability At A Glance®Design Basics introduced Livability At A Glance™ after the company’s research identified women primarily use four “lenses” when evaluating a home’s suitability for themselves and their households. Color coding the floorplans to highlight these four areas of livability made it easier to envision how the home would live. Favorable responses poured in, along the lines of “Wow! This plan I can understand!”




Now you can search home plans by the relative importance of each Livability At A Glance lens. Preference indicators have been added to the home plan search options, allowing you to identify how important each of the four aspects— Entertaining, De-stressing, Storing and Flexible Living—are to you.



There’s simply nothing else like searching house plans based on their livability. Want to look at homes with superb de-stressing amenities? Select one of the ‘dots’ at the right on the de-stressing scale. Because you’ve prioritized what’s most important, the plans which show up on your search will likely be more appealing to you.


Searching plans by square footage and type can be useful…it helps you rule out some designs. But if you want help finding the perfect home plan, according to your needs and wants, search as to the home’s livability. You’ll discover the heart and soul of its design. Once you’ve tried searching plans by their livability, you’ll never again be satisfied with just the old-fashioned search options.



Blunt search criteria such as house size and width keep you from wasting time looking at unworkable designs. Searching by the Livability lenses, because you’re in control, is much more focused and relevant. But when you start with perhaps 1,000 home plans, even after entering your Livability At A Glance preferences, your search can yield dozens and dozens of matching plans.


To further aid in your quest to find the perfect plan, Design Basics now lists the Livability Index for each Livability At A Glance enhanced floor plan. Livability Index is a composite rating based on the home plan’s Entertaining, De-stressing, Storing and Flexible Living attributes. The higher the number, the better the plan scored.


In addition, you’ll see the range of Livability Index scores for the plans in your search results. Fun and intriguing, comparing plans by their Livability Index may help you identify easily-overlooked amenities that significantly contribute to a home’s overall livability. Of course, your ultimate choice of a home design isn’t as simple as choosing the plan with the highest Livability Index. But tailoring your search according to how you want your home to live and then presenting the most likely home designs first is intuitive. Livability At A Glance enhanced plan searches and Livability Index. Based on customer feedback—particularly from women—these unique new search tools from Design Basics have raised the bar, making traditional plan searches obsolete.



Select the importance of each Livability At A Glance Lense


Livability Lens Selector


Discover and compare plans by their Livability Index


Design Basics' Livability Index™ measures a home design’s Entertaining, De-stressing, Storing and Flexible Living attributes. Designs with higher Livability Index numbers have more of these amenities. It is a useful tool in comparing the livability of similar-size home plans.


Livability Index



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Updated: Wednesday, December 14, 2016 4:03 PM

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