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October 2014
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BUILDERS' TOOLBOX is a monthly email newsletter designed to help home builders become remarkable.
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Builders Toolbox - "Control" is your ally


They're trying to justify the new home premium AND choose you as their builder. Pre-configured floor plan options help buyers tailor their new home according to their priorities, without the costs, delays and bottlenecks of full custom plan modifications. After all, you need to control the process to control profitability!


Design Tool: Control

One of the most compelling reasons for buying new rather than a resale home is "control" -over the design, neighborhood, products used, perceived construction quality, etc. So much of our lives are outside of our ability to control. We have to play the cards we're dealt.



New homes are different. We can select a specific part of town, a specific neighborhood or even a specific lot. We can choose low-maintenance, energy efficiency, indoor air quality, instant hot water for your invigorating spa-shower and no formal dining room.


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Marketing: But is it Remarkable?

Your competition is pretty good. To have come through the housing recession, the surviving new home builders have been doing a lot of things right. If the housing recession did anything, it raised the bar for all builders.



Other builders' model homes are pretty good. Forget what you know and believe about those builders, you have to look at what new home buyers see in your competition. Their web sites. Their model homes. .


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Coming Soon / Special Offers


Scholz Designs
has a new website
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Her Home Issue
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Livability at a Glance home plan books for $9.95 incl. postage

Featured Plans


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New Plan(s)

New plans that will have features that meets your needs. Innovative ideas and many options make it customizable.

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On The Board / Concepts

Plans that are "On The Board", still in the design stage and can become a reality at your request.

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