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September 2014
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BUILDERS' TOOLBOX is a monthly email newsletter designed to help home builders become remarkable.
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We hope you like our new format…


Builder’s Toolbox was created as a resource to help builders stand apart in terms of home design and marketing savvy. Here, five years later, we’ve both expanded and condensed the newsletter. Features added include a brand new home plan, a concept “On-The-Board” plan and Current News and Special Offers. We also shortened the newsletter by providing links to full content for those sections you are most interested in. We would appreciate any feedback you have regarding the new format


Design Tool: Commodity Housing vs. Design Leadership

The majority of home buyers are NOT looking for a commodity house. In every market, it seems there are one or two builders whose business plan starts with offering the cheapest homes whether that be monthly payment or cost per square foot. Cost consistently drives the decisions made. Only after looking at price—their lead differentiator—do other considerations come into play, such as design, amenities, included features, customer satisfaction, etc. This is a challenging business model, requiring lots of resources and dependent on volume. Numbers vary, but those “more home, less money” builders . . .


[ Read Commodity Housing vs. Design Leadership]

Marketing: Acquisition vs. Transaction Value

Most of us think of “value” in terms of what we get compared to what we pay. The benefits of the product are greater than the cost being paid—the acquisition value. “That’s worth it” we say to ourselves. $3,500 for the optional curbless, doorless, walk-in shower can be a great value. $35,000 for the all-wheel drive vehicle with heated seats in a northern states market can be a great value.


Under-appreciated but just as important is . . .


[ Read Acquisition vs. Transaction Value ]

News / Special Offers


Scholz Designs
has a new website
Come see us at the
21st Century Building Expo & Conference
Her Home Issue
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Vellux home plan book for
$2.95 incl. postage



Featured Plans


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New Plan(s)

New plans that will have features that meets your needs. Innovative ideas and many options make it customizable.

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On The Board / Concepts

Plans that are "On The Board", still in the design stage and can become a reality at your request.

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