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August 2015
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BUILDERS' TOOLBOX is a monthly email newsletter designed to help home builders become remarkable.
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Design: Design Tool: In Vino Veritas (in wine there is truth)

Signature Space - Wine RoomWith more than 30 million “high-frequency” wine drinkers in the United States (Wine Market Council, August, 2014), the popularity of residential wine closets and wine rooms is on the rise. Finding space in the home to accommodate a wine enthusiast’s passion is addressed nicely in the Signature Space™ concept found in several new Design Basics home plans.


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Marketing: Selling Against Yourself


There are probably certain competitors you are often compared with by prospective home buyers. Over time, you have learned how to present and sell your company vis-a-vis your competition. Similarly, they have learned to present and sell against you – and they’re likely winning some of those sales.


Sure, you may use the “acknowledge and move on” approach such as, “Yes, I know XYZ builders. In fact I’ve seen that home on State Street. But let me tell you what we do here at (your company).”


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Featured Plans


This month's featured plans include those with a Signature Space™ option.


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Enjoy perusing one of our newest home designs--we'd love your feedback!


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Plans that are "On The Board," still in the design stage, and can become a reality at your request.


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