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March 2015
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BUILDERS' TOOLBOX is a monthly email newsletter designed to help home builders become remarkable.
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"The name we give to something shapes our attitude towards it." - Katherine Paterson (1932)


80+ years later, Katherine Paterson's sage advice still rings true.

You can call it a "mudroom", and that's what it is and that's what buyers may recall. Mudroom. Dirty, muddy, not really an amenity you get excited about. Unimportant, really more of an afterthought. Or you can introduce them to your home's rear foyer entrance from the garage, help them connect with its many features/benefits and they will remember your home.


Design: Plan sets - fast track design and save money


Traditional... craftsman... country French... Tuscan... buyers don't necessarily classify elevation styles, they just know what they like!

It's unfortunate that many buyers interested in a certain (exterior) style of home simply dismiss home plans presented with a different elevation style. Yet, this truth reinforces the adage that "without a good elevation...


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Marketing: "The name we give to something shapes our attitude towards it." - Katherine Paterson (1932)


The language we use not only helps us, our homes and our company be more memorable, it speaks volumes about what's really important to us. Do you showcase a "large walk-in shower"... or a "doorless spa shower"? Which sounds better, a "small office space" or a "pocket office"?


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New plans that will have features that meets your needs. Innovative ideas and many options make it customizable.

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Plans that are "On The Board", still in the design stage and can become a reality at your request.

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