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December 2014
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The value of customer feedback.


The value of customer feedbackCommunication experts say only 8% of communication is the actual words used (think e-mail), 37% is voice tone and inflection (think phone call) and 55% of communication is body language (meeting in-person). Unquestionably, the best way to get a pulse on the market is talking face-to-face with buyers and prospects.


Design: Design: Where did they put the staircase?


The votes are in. Staircases that squeeze the entry physically or even visually are out! Home buyers vote with their dollars and increasingly those dollars are landing on home designs with the staircase well-removed from the front entry foyer.

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Marketing: Horizontal Communication

Where are you getting your customer feedback? How many "filters" (levels) exist between what prospects and customers are saying and what you are hearing?


One of our builder clients recently shared frustration over the biased information she had been receiving from the sales manager.


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