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June 2015
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BUILDERS' TOOLBOX is a monthly email newsletter designed to help home builders become remarkable.
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Design: No Middle Units


On the same day, we received calls from two builders in different states looking for quadplex homes with no middle units. The reasoning was the same for both builders—middle units are harder to sell.

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Marketing: Building Trust


Especially when it comes to such an expensive and personal purchase as a new home, buyers want to buy from someone they trust. How do you build trust?
Trust often begins online. Is your website and social media presence geared towards educating home buyers or merely trying to sell them? People love to buy, but hate to be sold. Particularly among boomers, buyers want the information needed to come to their own conclusions.

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News / Special Offers


GDM - Builder Success: A Michigan builder wins by sticking by his principles in bad times and good.

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New Plan(s)

New plans that will have features that meets your needs. Innovative ideas and many options make it customizable.

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On The Board / Concepts

Plans that are "On The Board", still in the design stage and can become a reality at your request.

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