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February 2016
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Builders Toolbox Marketing ToolInterests, Dreams, and Aspirations


Buyers buy on emotion and justify those decisions rationally. Rational appeals and arguments for buying your home are important, but not nearly as powerful as how your home, its design, amenities, and products featured fulfill her life interests, dreams, and aspirations.


New home sales is about discovering your buyer’s wants and providing the best perceived solutions – within the budget she has established for herself. Edu-selling (providing her the information from which she can make a wise, informed decision) is powerful. If she’s stressed and dreams of peace and quiet, think noise reduction bath fans, dishwasher, and garage door opener, soft-close cabinet hardware, and solid core doors. She has two dogs and loves to take them on long walks--a pet center in the home and a neighborhood that offers a two-mile walking path would be ideal. Or, she loves to entertain, so a large work-in pantry is necessary for food prep and storage. Therefore, the option of windows for natural light and visual appeal in lieu of upper cabinets may be an attractive alternative. SOLD!


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