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Featured Historical Home Plan Styles

English Tudor Style Home Plan 0865, the Townsend

Tudor or English Tudor styling is of the Medieval practice of 'half timbering' in Tudor, England.  Our Tudor style house plans capture the cozy and intimate feel of the classic English Tudor.


Cape Cod Style Home Plan 4951, Aldrich

Cape Cod cottages originated from English Colonial styling.  Originally a one story house, modern day Cape Code designs have an upper level with dormers and small projecting front porches. 

Georgian Style Home Plan 24084, the Valleyford

Georgian / Greek Revival are noted for rectangular design with perfect proportions with columns and pediments.  Thomas Jefferson add his touch by using Ionic capitals in place of Corinthian capitals on his house at Monticello.

Salt Box Style Home Plan 3909, the Ashland

Salt Box design was popularized in New England between the 1600's and 1800's.  Literally named after a type of box used to store salt, Salt Box styled houses most notable feature is the steeply pitched, lean-to gable roofs.  Design to shed New England's winter snow fall,  these roofs also provides much needed extra living spaces in early Colonial houses.

Prairie Style Home Plan 5086, the Cameron

Prairie style house design originated with Frank Lloyd Wright.  Broad, horizontal planes, low roof pitches, and cantilevered eaves are all common elements of Prairie style house design.  Planes arranged at right angles are composed of wood and multiple courses of brick or stone masonry.



The elevations of our Historical house plans reflect these time honored elements, while the floor plans incorporate modern design features designed for the way we live our lives in this century.


Featured Historical Home Plans

Prarie Style Home Plan 4081, the Hanna Salt Box Style Home Plan 3909, the Ashland Georgian Style Home Plan 3156, the Jacksonville
Cape Cod Style Home Plan 0797, the Gadsen Tudor Style Home Plan 5489, the Mayfield Shaker Style Home Plan 21528, the Agate

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