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Livability at a Glance®




Through an ongoing series of consumer focus groups with women of all ages and backgrounds from around the country, a revelation emerged that changed Design Basics understanding of how many women look at floor plans.


Rather than starting with the elevation when looking at home plans, women often began by looking at floor plans.  Which begged the question, “How do women look at home plans?” As we delved into this topic, we learned women look at a plan to determine “how the home lives.”  Further research helped us realize there were four primary filters through which women evaluate designs: how the home entertains; how the home helps her de-stress; the flexibility of the home’s design; and the home’s ability to address her storage needs.


Color Coded Floor Plans


Each Livability At A Glance® floor plan is shown in a color-coded version that highlights four different categories especially important to women: Entertaining (yellow), De-Stressing (blue), Storage (orange) and Flexible Living (green).


Livability at a Glance® - Plan for Storage Livability at a Glance® Plan Flexible Living
Livability at a Glance® Plan for Entertaining Livability at a Glance® Plan De-Stressing


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