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 FINALLY ABOUT ME® What is your new home personality?

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Margo's are . . .

work / life balance
form over function
goal oriented
my home is unique


If you are a Margo . . .

You are a busy, dedicated career woman, and as a Margo, you view your home as an expression of your sophistication as well as a place to recharge between work and social activities. You look for a home design that is unique or at least offers a few unusual features - perhaps a curved wall or a j-shaped island in the kitchen.


You like a sleek, contemporary style with an open design for easy mingling when you entertain. Low-maintenance is highly prized, but you'll go for more demanding products if they have the right amount of pizzazz. Easy maintenance extends to your yard, too - you would rather pick up flowers than grow them. But you do look for outdoor storage and living space with either a kitchen or fire pit.


If you have children or grandchildren, you want your home to accommodate them, but not be built around them. Storage for toys is a must, for instance, but an extra bedroom for the kids isn't a necessity. As a Margo, you may be found anywhere in the country, but so far you are most likely to be located very near or within easy distance of urban dining and cultural activities on either coast.


Elise's are . . .

work / life balance
function over form
family oriented
my home is my haven


If you are an Elise . . .

You are a strong traditionalist with a pragmatic nature, and you view your home as your haven. You require private spaces to relax and read a good book. But you do focus a lot of your energy on your family and will look for a floor plan that best accommodates your family's lifestyle.


Home design must have an open, practical kitchen to keep you connected to family and friends as they're gathered in the great room.


Energy efficiency is a priority, along with easy-care surfaces (such as solid surface countertops, ceramic tile and laminate flooring) and practical features like a large laundry room rate high with you. You have an affinity for warm woods and squared off rooms (rather than curved walls). You tend to prefer landscaping that is colorful but fairly easy to maintain. As an Elise, you are at ease in conventional, mixed communities with families of all stages.




Claire's are . . .

work / life balance
form and function
quality driven
detail oriented
my home makes a statement


If you are a Claire . . .

As a Claire, you view your home as a showcase and your primary emphasis is style, with touches of glamour. Because presentation and details are very important to you, your home will have some formal rooms and your entertaining is very structured, with great care given to preparation. You desire a gourmet kitchen and a designated dining room, but you also want space for guests to gather in or near the kitchen during more casual get-together's.


You also need adequate storage for extra table linens, multiple sets of tableware and elaborate seasonal decorations - all the items necessary to be the consummate hostess. Your home will usually have a more formal Old World architectural style, such as French or Italian, and your furnishings may include very special antiques that enhance to overall décor or serve as striking focal points.


And certainly as a Claire, you appreciate dramatic details like columns, arched openings, large moldings and stepped ceilings. You're also likely to have a flower garden resplendent with fragrant, colorful annuals that supply your home with fresh flowers. Your home is most likely to be a part of a well-kept gated community.




Maggie's are . . .

work / life balance
function over form
project/activity driven
free spirited
my home is carefree


If you are a Maggie . . .

In a word, you are BUSY! You are an activity-driven person, and your home is most likely your refueling spot. Of all the "Finally About Me" profiles, your identity is the least connected to your home's appearance.


Your furniture selection is eclectic, as likely to be based on a piece reminding you of someplace you've been as opposed to any particular fondness for the style. You look for comfort and function in your home plan, and you may be happy with less square footage because your busy lifestyle leaves less time for cleaning and upkeep.


Low-maintenance products and surfaces are a must. Your energetic, but casual approach to life means drop-in visitors don't ruffle your feathers, but you do appreciate a very open floor plan so you can comfortably visit with everyone. Storage is important, too, to accommodate your craft supplies, recreational equipment or camping gear. Because you and your partner travel often, a villa or gated community with good security can be very appealing.




So…what’s your new home personality?


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Updated: Wednesday, August 22, 2012