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"Palmer Place" - an Arnold Palmer gated villa community in Unity Township, PA. Carl Cuozzo worked with Jack Pellis of Pellis Construction to design a 4-unit villa home plan for a build out of 11 attached villa units (44 total residences) and associated buildings.




Interior Pictures a a single unit



Jack Pellis

Pellis Construction

Greensburg, PA

When I was approached by Palmer Development about creating the building design for Arnold Palmer’s Villa Project, I knew that this was the opportunity of a lifetime! I decided to enlist the services of Design Basics and Carl Cuozzo for the project, and I know that this was the right decision. Carl was able to take my criteria for the villa, and work within these parameters to create our final design! The end result speaks for itself, and I cannot say enough about my level of satisfaction with the design excellence and professionalism possessed by Carl and staff.

I have worked with Carl on several projects pursuant to Palmer Place, and I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the experience with each and every one!


I would surely recommend Carl and Design Basics to anyone interested in creating the home of their dreams.


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