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Nothing Says More About A Builder Than the Homes You Build

Design = Marketing

To be successful, you need home designs that are seen as different…and better. Designs that intuitively “connect” with today’s buyers. Designs that lead your marketplace, combining the practical and the aesthetic. Increased livability and style. Designs that get people talking, get people excited and get people coming back. Superior design establishes you as the leader…the innovator…and the best builder!

Custom designed development for Weaver Homes in Mars, PA

Design = Sales

Some builders compete on the basis of lowest cost per square foot. While “price” and “cost to build” are always important design considerations, the majority of home buyers in every market are NOT choosing the lowest cost per square foot builder. Rather, they’re buying the home they really want. Whether we’re working with you on a custom home or designing an entire neighborhood, our experience with builders and home buyers across the nation means you’re tapping into the hottest design concepts—even before they’re recognized as tomorrow’s trends!

Design = Profitability

Design has a great impact on the profitability of the homes you build. Sure, great design sells more homes, but value engineering and superb “buildability” ensure that when you select to custom design with us, not only will you sell more homes, the homes will be cost-effective, too.

Custom designed home plan for H.A. Fisher Homes in Warwick, RI


How it Works


  • Your thoughts…
  • Our thoughts…
  • Constraints…
  • Scope…
  • Level of detail…
  • Time frame…
  • Fees…
  • Agreement…
  • Retainer…


  • Your thoughts…
  • Our thoughts…
  • Revisions
  • Approval
  • Interim payment (if any)






Custom Home Design from Design Basics Custom Home Design from Design Basics
Custom Home Design from Design Basics Custom Home Design from Design Basics
Custom Home Design from Design Basics Custom Home Design from Design Basics
Custom Home Design from Design Basics Custom Home Design from Design Basics


Meet the Designer
Carl Couzzo - Senior Designer
Carl Cuozzo

With more than 20+ years working with Design Basics, Carl Cuozzo of Carl Cuozzo Designs, Inc. leads our design team as Senior Designer. Carl has designed 1000’s of single and multi-family homes, ranging from 800 square feet to over 18,000 square feet for clients throughout North America, as well as in Russia, China and other foreign lands.


Carl holds a Bachelor’s degree in Construction Engineering and is a black-belt Taekwondo instructor (that means don't mess with Master Cuozzo!).


Email Carl or call him at 800.947.7526 today to inquire about or start your project!



Client Experiences

Bill Weaver of Weaver Homes
Bill Weaver

We first began working with Carl and Design Basics in 2009. We are currently working with Carl to develop additional plans for our next project, VISTA RIDGE, located in Adams Township PA and look forward to continued success with Carl and Design Basics. Read more...



Jack Pellis

I have worked with Carl on several projects. I can honestly say that I have enjoyed the experience with each and every one! I would surely recommend the Carl and Design Basics to anyone interested in creating the home of their dreams. Read more...


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"Design Basics values our intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We, therefore, protect our 1,900+ plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers’ investments, while also protecting our assets, our team members’ employment position, and our shareholders." 
We are a memeber of the American Institute of Building Design