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The Craftsman style home was born out of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Britain, which was launched by English designers like John Ruskin and William Morris. This movement celebrated handicrafts and promoted the use of simple designs and natural materials. The style was popularized in the United States during the early 1900s by architects Charles and Henry Greene and in Gustav Stickley’s magazine “The Craftsman,” where it was sometimes referred to as Stick Style.


Other styles such as Mission, Pueblo, Spanish and Cape Cod are also associated with the design of Craftsman home plans. The influences of the Craftsman style were best illustrated through the bungalow homes on the West coast built by California architects Greene and Greene, Art Glass by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Prairie style homes in Chicago designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and on the East Coast by furniture maker Gustav Stickley.


Craftsman floor plans are based on principles that encourage the use of traditional materials and the handicraft of local workmanship. This style of home typically features low-slung gabled roofs, overhanging eaves and wide front porches framed by tapered columns. Although most Craftsman homes are constructed with wood, the piers are oftentimes built with stone or brick. The incorporation of natural materials gives these homes an organic feel and the interior of the homes will typically have few hallways and spacious flowing rooms. The emphasis on simplicity is offset by a high level of detail that is used to increase the functionality of the home. Some recognizable featured of Craftsman style homes include:


• Exposed Rafters and Beams
• Decorative Attic Vents
• Generous porches
• Stone covered foundation walls
• Stained glass in exterior windows or doors
• Natural finishes on wood trim
• Built-in woodwork such as cabinets, shelves, window seats, etc.
• Earthy colors and tones
Craftsman Home Plans Craftsman Home Plans Craftsman Home Plans Craftsman Home Plans

In the purest sense, Craftsman style homes are artistically constructed dwellings that are constructed with natural materials and provide a warm, welcoming and peaceful setting for family and friends. These houses can range from an affordable bungalow to a spacious estate and have been America’s favorite home for many years. Our Craftsman house plans harmonize modern design features with the classic design of the home. Each of these houses can be customized for your specific needs to mold it into the perfect home for you and your family.



Select Craftsman Home Plans

Plan 43065 Plan 8532 View 8540 Plan 29537
Craftsman House Plans Craftsman Style Plans Craftsman Floor Plans Craftsman Style House Plans
Craftsman Home Plan
1452 Square Feet
Craftsman Home Plan
1195 Square Feet
Craftsman Home Plan
1699 Square Feet
Craftsman Home Plan
2377 Square Feet
Plan 8634 View 30001 Plan 42229 Plan 42040
Craftsman Home Plans Craftsman Style House Plans New Craftsman Style Home Plans Craftsman Style Plans
Craftsman Home Plan
1795 Square Feet
Craftsman Home Plan
2690 Square Feet
Craftsman Home Plan
2550 Square Feet
Top Selling
Craftsman Home Plan
2452 Square Feet

New Craftsman House Plans

Plan 42272 Plan 42161 Plan 24343 Plan 29905
New Craftsman Style Home Plans New Craftsman Style Home Plans New Craftsman Style Home Plans New Craftsman Style Home Plans
New Craftsman Home Plan
1694 Square Feet
New Craftsman Home Plan
2815 Square Feet
New Craftsman Home Plan
1420 Square Feet


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