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The Jones Farm - Country Style Floor Plan 8011

Design Basics country home plans harken to a simpler, more relaxed time.  Front porches are a prominent feature and many of our designs feature wrap-around side porches and screened in rear porches. Country styles home plans are often a perception reflecting our diverse tastes and regional variations. Country styled home plans often incorporate design elements from many other styles. Country Home Plans range from simple, affordable one-story / ranch designs to large expansive farm home plans.

The Clarkston - Country Style Floor Plan


The front elevations of our country styled home plans reflect these time honored elements, while the floor plans incorporate modern design features and amenities reflecting the way we live our lives in this century.


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Home Plan Alterations

Should your tastes and needs go beyond the home plans shown here, Design Basics Plan Alterations team can create the home plan solution for you. We can . . .


. . . combine the floor plan of one design with the floor plan or elevation of another;

 . . . change, add or remove a room or combination of rooms;

    . . . adjust the size of a home design to fit on your lot;

      . . . alter elevations to meet a height restrictions;

        . . . alter elevations to meet a height restrictions;

          . . . change the doors and windows to other sizes and different locations;

            . . . raise or lower ceiling heights;


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