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The Picket - Home Plans for Baby Boomers
Home Plan 29063

SSA recognized 1st 'Official' Baby Boomer

Here's a bit of trivia for Baby Boomers out there. In 2007, Kathleen Casey-Kirschling became the nation's first "Official" Baby Boomer to file for Social Security retirement benefits, according to Michael J. Astrue, Social Security commissioner. This occurred amid much fanfare at 1:30 p.m. on October 15, 2007, at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C.


Born on January 1, 1946 at 12:00:01 a.m., Casey-Kirschling, a retired teacher and resident of Maryland, will file for benefits based on Social Security requirements allowing filing no more than four months prior to when benefits will begin--in her case at age 62.


Born between 1946 and 1964, there are 77 million Boomers or about 26% of the population. Boomers represent 45% of the work force and control the largest amount of discretionary income in history.


Like everything else in life, not all boomers want the same things.  Most boomers are not interested in down-sizing, Boomers are interested in "right-sizing." In the not to distant future you may be looking for that perfect "right-sized" house.  Maybe that means building a smaller house designed for easy living.  Maybe that means building a house with interior and exterior entertaining areas.  In many cases, it means building a house which can accommodate the occasional guest or guests.  Maybe it means all of these things.


Whatever it means to you, our boomer friendly house plans are chosen to accommodate a wide variety of needs.  The house plans do have several things in common.  Mostly, the are one story or ranch house plans.  A few are two story designs with the master bedroom or owners suite on the main level.   Most of the designs show only two bedrooms.  Most of the designs have areas labeled as flex spaces.  These areas can be used for varying purposes.


Each of our craftsman house plans including those featured here can be customized to your specific needs. Our Plan Alterations department can alter any of these plans to make it the perfect home for you.


Featured Home Plans for Baby Boomers

These two 'Sister' home plans speak to different audiences.


Design 29344 - Easily built as a no-step entry, this home also offers wider 3-foot doors in the owner’s suite that everyone would appreciate. Its split bedroom design also ensures privacy for that suite, complete with soaking tub, large shower and spacious closet. Then, the open layout brings everyone together around meals or entertaining.


Design 29344
1 story, 2 - 3 bedrooms
1720 sq. ft.

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The Hester - Boomer Home Plans The Hester - Boomer Home Plans  


Design 29353 - Whether used for a married couple with separate sleeping needs, two non-related adults, or for a live-in relative, with dual master bedrooms this design is pefect for a variety of lifestyle needs and choices.


Home Design 29353
1 story, 2 bedrooms
1774 sq. ft.

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The Hester - Boomer Home Plan The Hester - Boomer Home Plan  






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