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Value Engineered Home Plans



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Value Engineered Home Plans
40 Home Plans from Design Basics
Design 43004 Value Elevation
Design 43005 Upscale Elevation
Value Elevation       Upscale Elevationy
Design 43004 Value Elevation Design 43004 Upscale Elevation

Incorporating the best principles of Value Engineering and Design Basics' appreciation for design, these new plans allow you to offer more home for the money without sacrificing style. Developed for you, the builder, this series consists of 20 floor plans ranging from 1,268 to 2,917 square feet. Every plan has two elevations to choose from. The first elevation presents an attractive, price competitive facade. The second elevation for each plan is more upscale-using more stone, brick and stucco; hip roof lines; segmented arched transoms and more involved trim.


The plans may be purchased individually or as a set with both elevations.


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