Driveways That Dazzle

by Greg Dodge 5. July 2013 08:09

Driveways That Dazzle

There are many aspects to a house that are important to really plan when you are making your house plans. However, most people don’t really consider the driveway and the overall feel it will give to a house. When trying to make a great first impression, the overall appearance of the home is what makes it, and that includes the driveway. Here are some things that will help liven up your driveway or help you to think of what you would like to do when building your home.


There are several ways that plants of many varieties can be utilized in improving the overall appeal of the driveway. For instance, many people like to line the entire pathway with plants including rosebushes, tall or topiary bushes, and even trees. These can add the perfect accents to make a great pathway leading up to the home.

Another way to add plants is right down the middle of the driveway

so that the tire tracks are made out of cement but there is still variety and color down the middle. These types of plants are usually a lot smaller because there shouldn’t be any scraping against the bottom of the car when driving over this area.

Back To Basics

The best way to dazzle up a driveway is to build it out of a material other than concrete. There are cobblestone pavers and even concrete pavers that can add a different look with the textures and colors that can be added. This will also give a classier feel to the entire driveway.

The Difference In The Details

Great driveway design is mostly based on the experience at arriving. Whether your drive way is long or short, you can wind around and make it look longer and more artistic. Even if it is a shorter driveway, you can always have a small bend that will make it look longer.

A short landscaping wall is another way to really add an interesting look to the landscaping. This is because the wall provides a look of differing depths, making it more interesting to look at. Adding plants on top of the fence makes the entire presentation even more impressive.

The thing that makes the best impression on an entrance to a driveway or property in general is fences and gates. A fancy gate really makes an impression when someone pulls up to your property.

A fence also makes a great impression to those just driving past your home.


During the winter, many homeowners are familiar with the act of shoveling off snow and clearing it in order to pull in and out. Technology has advanced enough that people are finding effective ways to lay heating systems under and inside the driveway in order to make this chore easier. Instead of breaking your back you can go ahead and just flip a switch. This will result in more time in the mornings as well as a perfectly cleared driveway. This way you can show off that driveway you’ve put so much thought into.

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