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by Greg Dodge 6. May 2013 07:48


Rear entry foyer with open hooks and cubbies

Rear foyer with openhooks and cubbies

According to a 2011 study by Recon Analytics, people who have an attached garage go in and out of their home using the door between the home and the garage 92% of the time, rather than using the main entry door.  Yet, many new homes  focus lots of attention of the front entry foyer and treat the entry from the garage almost as an afterthought!


The rear foyer entry from the garage deserves no less design attention than a front foyer.  It serves as a vital transition space, a place to remove and store coats, backpacks and computer bags, shed shoes, and keep clutter out of the kitchen.  Unless there is simply no other option, you probably don't want the washer and dryer in your rear foyer either (who wants to trek past the dirty laundry-and be reminded of all that work-every time you arrive home?)


Ask your builder or remodeling contractor about incorporating a rear foyer in your new home or remodeling project! 

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