What do you like to display in your kitchen?

by Greg Dodge 16. November 2012 16:25


Pull-out base cabinet kitchen wastebasket drawer.  Click picture to enlarge image.

The kitchen trash can. It's an eyesore. It's a target for kids and pets. AND IT ALWAYS FULL! How is that?

The humble kitchen wastebasket. With four young children at home, we tried teaching them that not everything went down the garbage disposal-like chicken bones. But with that garbage disposal and the sink plumbing taking up so much room in the sink base cabinet, about all we could fit there was a small (powder-bath size) wastebasket that seemingly overflowed constantly.


Not to be outdone by a wastebasket, I proudly marched to my local home improvement store and bought the big, family-size kitchen wastebasket with its little plastic lid. It did hold more (at least until the dog got into it) but also became the focal point of our kitchen.


A pull-out base cabinet kitchen wastebasket drawer is a true thing of beauty!  Is your kitchen trash can the focal point in your kitchen?



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