How many times a week do you use the bath tub in your master bath?

by Greg Dodge 24. May 2012 12:36

Whether building a new home or remodeling, we spend a lot of money in our master baths. Most of them include a shower and a tub and many other amenities. For how we use the space, is having a shower and tub a wise use of our money? Several years ago we asked the question -


"How many times a week do you use the bath tub in your master bath?".


We were surprised by the responses. As we are curious about the answer today, we are re-asking the question.


Take our poll and let us know how many times a week you use the bath tub in your master bath?



Please share the poll with your friends and family via facebook and twitter. We will share the responses from our previous poll and the results from this poll in about a month!


Tell your your friends and check back!


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Mindy United States
5/30/2012 9:00:15 AM #

We built our home 12 years ago and our realtor said we needed a tub and shower for resale value.  We really didn't want the tub, but went along with what the realtor said.

I wish we would have stuck to our guns.  We've rarely used the tub.  I would have liked to have a row of cabinets and a counter.

The next time I build, I will NOT have a tub in the master bath.

Greg D. United States
5/30/2012 9:08:06 AM #

Thanks Mindy.  Great comment!

We hear comments like your quite a bit.  In some areas of the country, we still hear that buyers are still wanting a bath and tub.  However, in many other areas, we are seeing more master baths being built with only the shower (as long as a tub exists elsewhere in the home).  

Most of our new home plans offer a master bath option showing only a walk-in shower.

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