Beyond the Basics with Delores Ames

by Michele Weaver 5. August 2016 11:17
The people I have worked with at Design Basics have been my second family. We work hard, get along great as a team, very family-oriented, and flexible. I’ve had the privilege to work in several different departments over the 22 years I’ve been here, which has given me the opportunity to learn more facets as to how the company is run. [More]

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15th Anniversary: Jan's House of Hope

by Michele Weaver 18. July 2016 16:01
Design Basics has sold plans in some unexpected places. Its homes have been built in Alaska, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Australia, Brazil, Chile, and Japan. But the latest location was by far the most unusual--on top of a 150-foot by 60-foot ocean-going barge. [More]

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Beyond the Basics with Greg Dodge

by Michele Weaver 15. July 2016 10:29
I started as an intern. Design Basics was looking for someone with Paradox [database program] experience. After the project was completed, I was offered to stay on part time, which later turned into a full time job. [More]

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"Alternative" Becoming More "Mainstream"

by Michele Weaver 11. July 2016 16:38
While the housing recovery has not been equally distributed across North America, one thing we at Design Basics have seen in 2016 is a surge of interest in alternative construction methods (Modular, Panelized, SIP, and ICF home building). [More]

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Getting Noticed

by Michele Weaver 8. June 2016 16:01
How do you get people, especially the media, to notice what you’re doing? The following process isn’t rocket science and isn’t as high-tech as some, but it has worked: [More]

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Beyond the Basics with Yen Gutowski

by Michele Weaver 8. June 2016 11:32
What do you like best about working at Design Basics? I really enjoy the people--even though we are a small company, we have a great team that works well together and takes enormous pride in all that we do. [More]

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From the President

by Michele Weaver 3. March 2016 14:58
It is with great pride that I have accepted the position of President of Design Basics, LLC. Since joining the Design Basics team in the fall of 2013, I have worn several hats such as the Assistant Controller and Vice President of Operations. [More]


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Your Home Puts on About 40 Pounds per Year

by Michele Weaver 21. August 2015 08:57
Forty pounds of dust, that is! Now, there’s nothing you can do to completely eliminate dust as clothing fibers, pet dander, dead skin cells, and items we track in from outdoors add to the problem daily. [More]

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What do you call 'home'?

by Michele Weaver 13. August 2015 10:32
No matter your answer, each of us longs to come home to a place where we know we belong. A place where we comfortably fit into the fabric of our surroundings – where we can truly be ourselves. What is it about a house that makes you call it home? [More]

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by Greg Dodge 5. August 2014 15:21
Share   // Tweet Pin It         18 REASONS TO BUY DIRECT FOM DESIGN BASICS   OUR HOUSE PLANS   BUILDABILITY You might assume all homes are designed similarly. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Decades of working with builders taught us to design with the framer in mind, ensuring the home’s buildability.   NO RE-USE FEES Many designers charge a re-use fee when building the same home again. We don’t, when you purchase the plans directly from Design Basics.   COPYRIGHT PROTECTED We federally copyright our plans—your assurance you are not violating any copyright laws when purchasing direct from Design Basics. We protect your interests, too. If you believe someone has copied a home you built from one of our plans, we’ll investigate and take action when warranted.   NEW PLANS DEBUT ON OUR WEBSITE For 12 months after their release, the only place to review all of Design Basics newest plans—is on our web site.   EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM PLANS Some designers resell their custom plans. We give you the option of exclusivity.   OUR CUSTOMER SUPPORT   KNOWLEDGEABLE STAFF Design Basics highly trained staff has all the necessary resources to answer your Questions. And because there’s no untrained middleman, your questions/issues are dealt with promptly. y   TECHNICAL SUPPORT When you’ve bought your home plans directly from Design Basics, eliminate any guesswork and avoid costly mistakes by contacting us for technical support throughout construction.   WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Design Basics has been in business for more than 30 years. We’re not merely a web site, here today and… Lose a page from a set of construction drawings purchased 10 years ago? We can verify the plan order and send a replacement immediately.     SPEED OF PLAN DELIVERY The quickest way to receive your plans is to buy them directly from Design Basics.   PLAN ALTERATIONS           WE ALLOW YOU TO MAKE PLAN ALTERATIONS Unlike some design firms, if you have the expertise to make changes to the plans we send you, this is allowed under our Construction License.     WE’LL MODIFY OUR PLANS FOR YOU With modified by the our designer, you can be 100% confident in the quality of your plan alterations. Our fees are quite competitive - and when Design Basics modifies the plan, you are still eligible for full technical support throughout construction.   WE OFFER ALL FOUNDATION OPTIONS. Some designers don’t, and you’re on your own.   DEDICATED TO YOUR SUCCESS   CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT MATERIALS Our Materials List helps deliver an accurate construction bid. If the roof will be hand-framed (in lieu of roof trusses) our Roof Construction Package provides all the details you need.   PROVEN MARKETING MATERIALS Builders, sell more homes with the help of our professional marketing products and services.     PLAN SELECTIONS We know what today’s buyers are looking for. Talk to us about your next project and we’ll tailor a portfolio of plans for you.   WEBSITE LINKS Builders who have purchased and are familiar with Design Basics plans can be listed on’s “Find a Local Builder” section.     E-NEWSLETTERS AND SPECIAL OFFERS. You’ll receive email newsletter updates with emerging design concepts before they become trends, plus special deals! Builders Toolbox eNEWS HER Home Thought of the Day.       MEMBERSHIPS, AFFILIATIONS. We belong to numerous business, design and home building professional organizations/associations to keep Design Basics products and services at the forefront of the industry.     Working directly with Design Basics really is your best way to get the most of your home plan buying experience.  How can we help you today?

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