Do You Prefer Open Format Floor Plans?

by Greg Dodge 6. June 2013 10:40
It's our current poll.  It's a simple question. Do you prefer open floor plans?   JavaScript needs to be enabled for polling to work. Online... [More]


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5 Best Places to Find Free Moving Boxes

by Paul Foresman 30. May 2013 14:46
Moving can be exciting. You get to start a new life in your new custom home, but it can also be stressful and sometimes even dreadful because you know... [More]

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Preparing Your Patio or Backyard for Summer

by Paul Foresman 15. May 2013 10:42
Getting your patio and backyard ready for the warm summer months is about a lot more than restocking your Tiki torches and cleaning the grill (althoug... [More]


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You do it 92% of the time

by Greg Dodge 6. May 2013 07:48
  Rear foyer with openhooks and cubbies According to a 2011 study by Recon Analytics, people who have an attached garage go in and o... [More]


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Splitting up can be good for your relationship

by Greg Dodge 23. April 2013 08:09
Whether we realize it or not, our bathrooms are very personal—which means if there are two of you using that bathroom, there’s a potential... [More]


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Beyond Three Bedrooms

by Greg Dodge 1. April 2013 08:28
  Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE ... [More]


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You can control unwanted noise in your new home

by Paul Foresman 26. March 2013 07:04
Not too long ago we discussed controlling unwanted noise in the home.  Your feedback confirmed this is a hot topic so we'll look deeper at reduci... [More]


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Woman-Centric Matters!

by Greg Dodge 7. March 2013 08:47
What is the Woman-Centric Matters!® Approach? Our woman-centric approach is based on customer feedback, mostly from our women customers. We&rsqu... [More]


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The Rise in Popularity of Craftsman Style Homes

by Greg Dodge 2. March 2013 07:56
The Rise in Popularity of Craftsman Style Homes Craftsman style homes seemingly have always had a part in American home building, but did you know thi... [More]

All square feet are not created equal!

by Greg Dodge 18. February 2013 08:24
All square feet are not created equal! It may come as a surprise to you that there is no universal method for calculating a home's square footage. Di... [More]

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