Designing, Building, and Selling Healthier Homes

by Michele Weaver 9. May 2016 16:24
Of all the ways builders try to differentiate themselves from the competition, one of the most underutilized is being known for building healthier homes. [More]

10 Things You Need to Consider in a Home Plan: Tips 6-10

by Michele Weaver 4. May 2016 13:50
Contemplating building a new home? Odds are your future looks bright! It all begins with a plan, and where you get your home plan matters! [More]

'Beyond the Basics' with Tricia Baker

by Michele Weaver 4. May 2016 12:05
As the plan alterations designer, Tricia is responsible for incorporating changes to plans in accordance with customer request and architectural specifications. [More]

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The 'Dirty Office'

by Michele Weaver 29. April 2016 15:53
In today's economy, there are nearly 40 million home-based businesses in the U.S. today, and an increasing number of households are operating more than one business from their home. [More]

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10 Things You Need to Consider in a Home Plan: Tips 1 - 5

by Michele Weaver 21. April 2016 17:09
Like picking a university or falling in love and deciding to marry, choosing to build a new home can be one of life's most rewarding and stressful experiences. The house plan--your dream on paper--becomes the manuscript which weaves together the various people (developer, builder, sub-contractors, lender, etc.) and products that will bring your vision to reality. [More]

Flexible Living Tips

by Michele Weaver 8. April 2016 16:32
Our Livability at a Glance™ color coding for floor plans helps you quickly identify how each area of the home can be utilized. Areas shaded green are identified as flexible spaces designed to easily adapt to changing family situations--meeting both current and future needs. [More]

Signature Space™ - Garden Center

by Michele Weaver 6. April 2016 09:36
In years of home design, we often heard homeowners requesting specialized spaces for their own unique needs...Using this feedback, we created what we call a Signature Space™ - a small flex space that can be used however the homeowner wishes. [More]

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Outdoor Living Space...or Something Else?

by Michele Weaver 30. March 2016 09:36
Covered outdoor spaces are a "natural" opportunity for additional finished living space when you are evaluating home plans for their sustainability for you and your household. [More]

Rear Foyer Drop Zone

by Michele Weaver 22. March 2016 14:55
Studies report for homes with an attached garage, the door from the garage into the home has become our primary entrance. Inf fact, we rarely use the front door. [More]

March Home Plan Mania Bracket Challenge Results

by Michele Weaver 21. March 2016 15:46
Thank you for participating in our March Home Plan Mania Bracket Challenge! [More]

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