Featured Plans: Laundry Room Design Ideas

by Michele Weaver 19. October 2016 09:31
Good Home Design Solves Problems. Here are some floor plans that showcase laundry room layouts to fit many different lifestyles. [More]


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Convenient and Functional Laundry Room Design

by Michele Weaver 13. October 2016 16:40
Perhaps nowhere in the home is that more evident than in the humble laundry room. For decades, the default location was a combination laundry/mudroom entry from the garage. This may have solved the problem of getting the laundry out of the basement (in basement markets), but it ushered in the problem of forcing you (family, friends, and neighbors) to traipse past the dirty laundry pretty much every time you go in and out of the house. [More]

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Design Trends

Beyond the Basics with Paul Foresman

by Michele Weaver 5. October 2016 16:41
Paul Foresman is the VP of Business Development and oversees our Woman-Centric Matters!® program, helping builders more fully appreciate women's preferences in home design. [More]

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Beyond the Basics with Morgan Lewis

by Michele Weaver 6. September 2016 11:37
As a drafter and plan alterations designer, Morgan is responsible for incorporating changes to plans in accordance with customer request and architectural specifications. [More]

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One Home -- Many Lifetimes

by Michele Weaver 24. August 2016 14:25
People move. It’s one of the driving forces behind new home construction. Some of the more common lifestage categories residential designers focus on include singles, married, households with young children, working from home, empty nest, and seniors. [More]

Home Plan Sale - $121 Off!

by Michele Weaver 22. August 2016 08:31
In honor of the 121 medals won for the United States, we are offering $121 off a home plan purchase! [More]

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Homebuilding Gets an Energy-Efficient Makeover

by Michele Weaver 18. August 2016 15:30
John Gerlach, a retired military civil engineer, purchased the Design Basics' Amanda plan and worked with our designers to make desired alterations, such as moving the master bath and bedroom for added privacy. But, the changes that really make his home stand out are the ‘green’ ones. [More]

Let Your Home Live Larger with Finished Space Over the Garage

by Michele Weaver 16. August 2016 11:23
Whether bedrooms, flex space, or an upstairs play room, finishing off living space over your garage is inexpensive square footage that makes your home live larger. But it takes careful attention to make sure this space is comfortable year ‘round. [More]

Beyond the Basics with Delores Ames

by Michele Weaver 5. August 2016 11:17
The people I have worked with at Design Basics have been my second family. We work hard, get along great as a team, very family-oriented, and flexible. I’ve had the privilege to work in several different departments over the 22 years I’ve been here, which has given me the opportunity to learn more facets as to how the company is run. [More]

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The Art and Science of Home Design

by Michele Weaver 2. August 2016 11:49
More than 100,000 families proudly call a Scholz Design® “home.” Well-known for luxury custom home design savvy and meticulous attention to detail, the Scholz Design® brand enjoys an international following among custom home builders and discerning home buyers. Homes built from Scholz plans have garnered numerous awards and the designs have been featured in prominent national and international publications. [More]

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