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Carriage style garage doors
Not your ordinary door.  The architectural styling of each of these homes is greatly enhanced by thoughtful door selections.


Modern Garage Doors Accent a Home's Design


A home plan is chosen for construction.  Its front elevation radiates character and style - more accurately, a very distinctive personality.  While the home is being built, great care is taken to execute every architectural detail that might enhance its overall look and feel.


Photos Courtesy of Designer Doors

Every detail with one exception, that is. The garage doors. Unfortunately - tragically, actually - they're boring.  Blah.  Plain Jane.  They clash with the rest of the home, effectively flattening its appeal.  Sadly, it's an avoidable mistake that's repeated all too often.

One of the most prominent design elements of a home is-the garage door. On a moderate-sized home, it can easily account for 30% of the home's visual impact," comments Kent Forsland, Founder and CEO of Designer Doors, Inc. "And it's not up on the roof or somewhere out of sight. It's at eye level, where everyone immediately sees it; Day in and day out, it is also the main entrance for most home owners.


Photos Courtesy of Designer Doors

Sixteen years ago, Forsland recognized the need for architecturally correct garage doors which would complement the rest of the home rather than detract. from it. His company became the first to build and market custom wood overhead, carriage-style garage doors.


Forsland offers several criteria to consider when selecting or designing a door a door to complete a home in the best possible manner.  The first variable is the period represented in the home's architecture. For instance, is it Colonial, Victorian, Early 20th Century, or Modern Traditional?Secondly, take into account the general Flavor of the home. Is it simple or rustic (such as a Farmhouse or Craftsman) or more refined (such as an elegant Traditional or French Country)? A rustic home often calls for a layered door, constructed with the trim boards on top of the overlay material. A more formal home may require a blended door, constructed with the trim boards laid next to and butted up against the overlay material. It may also have chamfered edges.






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