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On-Home-Site  Panelization Process

From Foundation to a Framed Home in 9 Hours

Photos Courtesy of
Harvest Homes
On-Site Home Panelization Process
7:00 House raising day has come
First floor deck
7:30 lifting over 1st floor deck
First floor walls
9:00 1st floor deck set, craning over 1st floor walls
First floor exterior walls
9:10 Setting 1st floor exterior walls
Interior walls
11:30 Setting interior walls
Second floor deck
1:00 Craning up 2nd floor deck
Second floor deck
1:10 Preparing to set 2nd floor deck

Second floor deck
1:20 Setting 2nd floor deck
Second floor exterior walls
2:30 Setting 2nd floor exterior walls
Connecting exterior walls
Placing connecting exterior walls
Second floor interior walls
3:00 Craning in 2nd floor interior walls
Garage walls
4:00 Setting garage walls
Roof trusses
Craning up roof trusses
Roof trusses
5:00 Placing roof trusses





Harvest Homes- Website


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