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Design Basics Hazelton - Design 1019
Design Basics
Design 1019,
the Hazelton was used to create the Madison House Project

APA-The Engineered Wood Association


Build A Better Home


APA, the Southern Pine Council and the USDA Forest Products Laboratory Advanced Housing Research Center have partnered together on the building of a 2,200 square foot demonstration home on the grounds of the Forest Products Laboratory in Madison, Wisconsin.


From the permanent wood foundation to the flashing around the chimney, this 4 bedroom, 3-bath two-story house showcases moisture-resistant building practices, the latest in energy efficient appliances and HVAC systems and 'green building' technologies advocated by the leading building science experts.


The Build a Better Home demonstration house serves as an ongoing classroom of better building practices:


A team of researchers instrumented the walls in an effort to monitor the moisture content and temperature behavior therein.


To test the house’s tolerance for elevated indoor humidity, the house's interior is maintained at 40% relative humidity during the winter months.


Each phase of the construction process was photographed and videotaped for future educational use.


While the construction was completed in October, 2001 and the house is no longer open to the public for touring, APA representatives and other Build a Better Home partners will conduct ongoing better building practices meetings and seminars at the house.


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