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Corproate Identity


Your corporate identity begins with a logo and a “look.” They are the visible elements that are always in front of your target market on everything from our business card and letterhead to your brochure and your web site. Your corporate identity can establish you as a professional in your industry. Leopard, Inc. will work with you to help establish that corporate identity and help you put your best foot forward. Contact us to discuss your current needs - 1.800.947.7526 or info@designbasics.com.


Available services

  • Logo

  • Business Card

  • Letterhead

  • Envelope

  • Note Card

  • Mailing Label

  • Corporate Folder

  • Information Sheet




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"Design Basics values its intellectual property and that of its many collaborative partnerships. We therefore will protect our 1800+ plan design copyrights from illegal infringements. This preserves and maximizes customers' investments, while also protecting its assets, employees and shareholders." 
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